Business Spotlight: Barbara's New Beginnings

“Does Your Bra Really Fit?” Barbara's New Beginnings is an award-winning lingerie fitting boutique. With more than 10,000 bras in stock at both the Fort Wayne and Indianapolis locations, each client is provided with a variety of choices to build her own custom-fitted lingerie wardrobe. Professional fitters at Barbara's train for 90 days before fitting alone. Truly, every woman can find her perfect fit at Barbara's. Lingerie styles available include lacy French bras with matching panties, t-shirt bras, nursing bras, high-impact sports bras, and more in AAA thru O cup! Indiana native and store owner Barbara Gilbert listens to fitter and client feedback before hand-picking lingerie styles for the two Barbara's New Beginnings locations. A walk into either store with chandeliers, colorful accessories, and smiling employees will show why many loyal clients say, “I just love shopping at Barbara's!”

    A woman who has never had a professional bra fitting before will be amazed at how much taller she stands and how much better she feels after her Barbara's experience. Professional fitters address and conquer bra challenges such as falling shoulder straps, band riding up in the back, ill-fitting cups, and unflattering fit and shape. A large selection of stock in gorgeous fashion colors and everyday basics ensure comfort and beauty for those who shop at Barbara's.

    Shopping for lingerie is by nature an intimate experience. Women who have been frustrated by the trial and error of choosing styles and bra sizes in the past will be surprised at how comfortable this process can be. Barbara's New Beginnings' professional fitters make the fittings fun, informative, and empowering! No need to run in and out of the dressing room in search of the elusive perfect fit. Clients try on bras that that are personally selected for each individual by a professional fitter in private dressing rooms with comfortable chairs and pretty curtains. Each bra is assessed for fit and performance as the fitter demonstrates proper adjustment. An expertly fitted bra will stay in place no matter how a woman moves and will align the spine for better posture with less back and shoulder pressure. Better lift means that clothes will fit better giving a longer and leaner appearance instantly! 

    Barbara says “I love what we do. This isn't just a bra business. It's a caring business!” Parting words from customers have included, “I feel like I look 10 pounds thinner,” “My clothes fit so much better,” and “I just found my new favorite store!” Affirmations such as these make Barbara proud to grow her business and give more women the experience they deserve. 
     Enjoy the personal and professional care that our customers experience and discover the difference of a proper fitting bra.  We look forward to helping you find your New Beginning. 


Carol the Coach: Intentional Thoughts Promote Happiness

Intentional Thoughts Promote Happiness
Do you have an intention for your life? Intentions are so important because you use them to create your reality. Unfortunately, many people do not know that intentions are powerful mindsets that sync with what God or the Universe wants for us.
How would your life be different if you lived in a world where you were happy, grateful, and enthusiastic about today and tomorrow. You may be thinking to yourself that your life is stressful and it is difficult to focus on the positives because your stress interferes with your thoughts. Well, you may have it backwards. Your thoughts cause your stress and no matter what occurs in your life you have the choice to decrease your stress by promoting healthy, intentional thoughts.
At any point during the day you can overcome your stressful thoughts by promoting positive ones. This does not mean that you lead a Pollyanna-ish life but instead you look at your situation and say what good can come out of it?
This does require some discipline because when you have a negative thought you must create an awareness, take some deep breaths, and ask yourself how can I change that thought to work for me. I recently had a medical crisis and found myself naturally worrying that the worst outcome would happen. I literally had to stop myself and say, “I can envision my body working with my thoughts to promote good medical health and harmony.” That intention not only stopped the worrying but it helped me to feel better in the process.
There is a debate that thoughts cause feelings while others believe that feelings cause thoughts. I believe they're very interrelated and that both can happen and therefore it's important to make a conscious choice to check in on your emotional state and ask yourself “how am I feeling right now and are my feelings driving my thoughts in a helpful, productive ways?” Again, this takes discipline to choose to activate positive thoughts that promote your well-being.
If you tend to be a negative person or you are prone to depression and despair, you may want to find opportunities to spend time with people that are happy. If you don’t know any happy or positive people, join the Optimist Club or Rotary Club as both focus on positive well-being and making a difference in the lives of others
Lastly, you want to stay in the attitude of gratitude. That means focusing on what you're grateful for and what is working in your life. If it appears that your life is crumbling around you, I would encourage you to take a walk and notice the beauty outside. No matter what your plight, whether it be a divorce, a loss, bankruptcy, a failed job, or any other calamity… When you notice the beauty around you it will increase positive energy in your life. This may seem like a foreign concept because no one teaches you that you have that kind of power to bring good things into your life. But your connection with universe is powerful and when you practice noticing the beauty around you it will multiply tenfold.
If you practice these techniques, you will begin to see that your life will move towards a better outcome. When you create the intention to have healthier thoughts you enjoy life more. You take control of your destiny.  When you change your thoughts, you change your feelings, and when your feelings and thoughts change, the happiness factor does too!