Are You Being BOLD Enough?

Each month at Successful Women Made Here (SWMH), I interview a thriving businesswoman. One particular month we featured Ambre Crockett of Ambre Blends. Prior to the event, Ambre acknowledged to me she wasn’t keen on speaking in public. But, she followed through as she hit the stage with me in front of our live attendees. In attendance, Todd Connor of rtv6 who was so captivated with her story, asked her to be his first story of a “MADE in INDIANA” series on ABC The Indy Channel. Her risk of putting herself out there paid off to now an audience of thousands.

What risks are you and/or your business taking to move to the next level? As in life, every decision contains some element of risk. No matter what you do, there’s always a chance that something will go wrong. What’s the risk of your NOT taking action?

Some decisions may appear riskier than others, but those are usually the decisions where you’ll gain the most reward. Making a profit, gaining positive press coverage, getting that promotion, increasing clients and/or sales, are all about knowing how much risk to take. It’s plain and simple – if you don’t take much risk, you’re probably not going to have a lot to gain.
What are you doing to stand out? And, know that to stand out most likely involves taking a risk – possibly delving into unchartered territory for you. Where others may want to run due to fear of failure – the smart risk-taker keeps their focus on what’s to be gained.

But, being a risk-taker in business is not the same as being reckless. Why does the word “risk” have such a negative connotation to most of us, implying danger and possible loss? Risk involves learning how to manage decisions and outcomes properly, confronting your fears, and creating strategies for success.

Here are a few strategies to turn risky business into a smart action plan.

Make your business a niche market: Even huge corporations can’t offer everything for everyone. Go after the market that others failed to spot. There are more people in a niche than you can imagine. Play directly to them.

Spot a new trend: Change in a market, economy, and community can be viewed as risky or a wonderful opportunity for new endeavors. The action is to recognize the shift early on, and act on it. This is what’s referred to as an “early adaptor” and will have you viewed as the LEADER in that arena.

Make your competitor’s weakness your strength: Smart business people connect with their customers/clients’ desires and needs; and build relationships. That quality can help you capitalize on your competitors’ shortcomings and gain you raving fans.

List what scares you and then make a plan to do it: For instance, if you’re nervous speaking in front of others – I challenge you to put a speaking engagement of any kind on your calendar NOW. Confront your fears and you will be amazed at the incredible leaps your business will take in the coming months when you no longer let fear dictate how far you’ll go.

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