Business Spotlight: Chernoff Cosmetic Surgeons

Research Leads to Cosmetic Advancements

For 20-years, Chernoff Cosmetic Surgeons has brought state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures and exceptional patient care to Indianapolis. Advanced surgical, non-surgical, and aesthetic treatments combined with an extraordinary commitment to research and results have earned the practice a reputation that is difficult to match.

In addition to having one of the largest and most contemporary Cosmetic and Laser Centers in the Midwest, Dr. Chernoff is proud to bring exciting research and new cosmetic and health improving treatments to Indianapolis.

Improving Migraine Symptoms and Triggers
A minimally invasive surgical treatment for migraine headaches has been recently published. Dr. Chernoff has treated hundreds of patients who suffer from migraine headaches with Botox, which was FDA approved for this purpose several years ago. Now, patients can undergo a one-hour procedure, which meticulously releases pressure on selected nerves responsible for the propagation of migraine headaches. Both therapies work by deactivating specific nerves that trigger muscle contractions, and causing the painful headache. Patients notice decreased severity and frequency of migraines from the treatment. Additionally, patients experience relief from other migraine triggers and problems including being bothered by light and noise, difficulty concentrating, blurring vision, and drooping eyelids. This treatment can also improve the appearance of droopy eyebrows.

Fat Injections for Cosmetic & Health Improvement
For years, Chernoff Cosmetic Surgeons has been successfully using a patient’s own fat to add volume, fill lines, improve skin tone, texture, and quality. Now, as a member of the Investigational Cell Surgical Research Network, Dr. Chernoff is studying health benefits of a patient’s own fat to improve a variety of conditions. The process uses the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) containing adult stem cells that naturally occur in our own fat. Dr. Chernoff’s investigational research is part of the California Stem Cell Treatment Center’s proprietary protocol.

As a result of new research, Dr. Chernoff offers patients another new purpose for fat. This treatment helps patients with Reynaud’s Disease improve blood flow and circulation to their hands and feet. Reynaud’s causes excessively reduced blood flow in the fingers, toes, and occasionally other areas. Reynaud’s is a painful and bothersome condition. The procedure involves injecting a small amount of your own fat, into areas of the hands and feet. Since your own fat is rich in stem cells, the tissue regenerates, heals, and patients notice a dramatic improvement in circulation.

Bio- stimulation for Body Contouring and Improved Health
Stubborn areas of fat, resistant to exercise are discouraging. While there is no substitute for consistent exercise and a healthy diet, a new and innovative treatment exists to target stubborn fat and improve health.

This new treatment, Ultratone, uses the same principles of exercise and muscle building combined with state-of-the-art technology and science. Even more exciting, the treatment offers health benefits during the normal course of treatment. Chernoff Cosmetic Surgeons, has served as the primary patient study site in the United States measuring patients’ body improvement and health benefits.

The treatment combines two techniques. First, ultrasound waves penetrate deep into the tissue, vibrating and weakening the fat cell walls. Next, bio-stimulation provides deep and high intensity muscle contraction and stimulation, including deep fibers not reachable by exercise alone. This deep muscle stimulation uses the fat as fuel, burns stubborn fat, and strengthen muscles, up to 1-week after the treatment is complete.

In addition to an improved physique, our patients have experienced improved strength, physical endurance, and health benefits from the treatments. Dr. Chernoff’s health data compiled from the clinical study shows decreased BMI, decreased cholesterol, decreased blood glucose, and improved lipids. Additionally our patients say they feel invigorated after the treatment due to endorphins released similar to the feeling after a good workout.

Dr. Chernoff has dedicated himself to the art and science of medicine, patient care, and aging well. After medical school, Dr. Chernoff completed a five-year residency followed by three years of intensive fellowship training in Facial Plastic, Reconstructive Surgery, Laser Therapy, Breast Rejuvenation and Body Contouring. This training provided him with comprehensive expertise matched by very few. His innate aesthetic vision, meticulous surgical skills, and his gentle humility, provide his patients with a quality of care that is second to none. Dr. Chernoff combines meticulous surgical techniques with the latest non-surgical therapies to give his patients consistent rejuvenation results.

Julie Leonetti is a Registered Nurse and has over 25-years of experience in cosmetic medicine. Julie is a certified injection specialist and trains nurses and physicians in the art of meticulous injection techniques. Julie is an expert in surgical and non-surgical options. She has performed thousands of injectable and laser treatments and instructs healthcare professionals on optimal patient care.

Julie and Dr. Chernoff spend countless hours educating patients prior to any cosmetic procedure from injectable therapy to surgery. Dr. Chernoff and Julie care for patients everyday after surgery (including weekends) to provide reassurance and follow-up care. Dr. Chernoff is one of the few remaining physicians who will make house calls for patients. Both Julie and Dr. Chernoff live by a “what ever it takes” approach to providing patients with exceptional results.

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