Business Spotlight: Dental Training by Lynn

*Assisting is a hands-on profession, why should your training be any different?
I highly encourage you to investigate multiple programs before choosing the one that is right for you. The development of my program was created through researching and interviewing many dentists and developing a program based on their insight into what makes a dental office spectacular. The years of their experience and advice they had to offer was invaluable. Dental Office Training by Lynn is in its eight year of operation. This is our only priority. We personalize your training and teach you the skills required to be efficient and productive from day 1
Dental Office Training by Lynn delivers highly skilled, cross-trained professional dental assistants to the workforce.

*DOT Training Advantages
The program is designed for anyone who has other responsibilities in life, care giving, current employment, parenting, or just juggling a busy life. The DOT program does not interfere with weekends or family time. Put your child on the bus in the morning and be there when they get home in the afternoon. 3 Days per week.
You are not tied down with textbook homework. We do our homework Hands On in the clinical environment. We have small classes of 12 to allow for personalized training.

• Intense training with the latest technology and most advanced techniques available in restorations, materials and instrumentation.

• Valuable in-office, hands-on experience with practicing dentists.

Resume building and networking opportunities

• Job placement assistance, job shadowing, and observations in some of the most prestigious offices in the state.

• Software training
Accredited radiology

Expanded functions dental assisting course

EXCITING NEWS : Coming in the Fall of 2014…. We are expanding our team and providing YOU with more opportunity to find your pathway in a lifelong career in dentistry…. Our team consists of 3 professional women with a combined 80 years combined experience!!!! We will personalized your training

Lynn Uptgraft – Founder, Operational Director
Denise McDonald- E.F.D.A., Clinical Coordinator
Nadia Tucker, Marketing Director, Placement Specialist