Business Spotlight: Health &Nutrition Technology

Health & Nutrition Technology (HNT-Indiana) has served the Indianapolis area for more than a decade. Medical Director, Dawn Ayers MD-endocrinology, and Program Director, Sheila Henson RD, together opened and continue to lead this successful medically supervised behavior modification program. Tom Landry’s quote, ‘Leadership is getting someone to do what they don't want to do, to achieve what they want to achieve’ is as true in football as in health and weight management.

Dr. Ayers recognized the need for an effective weight management program in Central Indiana. She had aspirations to offer a non-surgical medical option to her patients beyond standard commercial or support programs. Thus it was an ideal fit to team up such a well-known and respected medical provider in conjunction with the proven weight management program in HNT. The result: the need of providing safe rapid and effective weight loss is being met—consistently! The average weight loss is 16% in the first 20 weeks; maintained years out.

HNT believes that support combined with education is what it takes to make a lifestyle change permanent. Four essential skill-sets: Behavioral; Nutritional; Environmental; Physical Activity are introduced and developed. Sustainable Health improvement often starts with initial weight loss. No minimum or maximum weight loss is required to participate, making our motto a reality: Change your life…so YOU can live it!

The team concept is strengthened with a staff of dedicated health care professionals specializing in the field of obesity management. Having grown over the years there are various central Indiana locations: Monday evenings at Carmel St Vincent Professional Bld suite 275; Tuesday evening at Riverview Hospital 4 TCU classroom; Thursday evening at Community Health North 7250 Bld suite 210; Thursday evening at American Health Network in Peru, IN; and week days and Tuesday evenings at our home base 1201 E Main St suite B, Plainfield, IN.
We invite you to attend a FREE orientation where all of the details are provided for you and all of your questions are answered. Family and friends are welcomed to accompany you.

We are proud to offer Health & Nutrition Technology, as a viable, safe, rapid, and effective approach to weight loss. If you are ready to change your life call us at (317) 489-4817 or visit Sheila Henson RD, Roxanne Standeford RD, Amanda Wilson RD, Pam Schneider and Dawn Ayers MD are here for YOU.