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Head over Heels
in Love with Success

Sheryl Matthys, Founder of Successful Women Made Here

Have you ever struggled with knowing your purpose and whether you consider yourself a “Success?”

I’m here to tell you - your business challenges, the school you did or didn’t go to, your circumstances, and/or your past are not the problem for not achieving yet what you desire. There is one thing that may be standing in your way and I’d like to pull back the curtain for you.

At Successful Women Made Here, as I interview notable businesswomen, my last question to them always is, “What does Success mean to YOU?” And, their answers have varied from, “Living the life I choose - loving my work,” to “Having the luxury to be there for my family and kids.”

I’ve come to a conclusion for Success. It’s personal. And, what’s tricky about it is – just like us women, “The road to SUCCESS has Curves.” There are also obstacles and detours along the way.

Even mega-millionaires and celebrities struggle with success on some level. From the Grammy winning singer who wonders how she’ll stay on top to the wannabe “bake and take” mom next-door thinking she’s inferior because she didn’t get it together to whip up homemade cookies as holiday gifts. We all can relate – to sometimes thinking we won’t measure up. And, just when we may feel confident - that voice of doubt sneaks in.

So what is “Success?”

Here’s the deal - success is defined on your terms if you are bold enough to take it on along with its hurdles to jump over and its hoops to jump through.

Success comes down to “How do You Make Your Mark” in the world.
But, to “Make Your Mark” is not just in the “what do I do” or “how do I do that?” The pivotal point behind “Make Your Mark” is in knowing “WHY?”

Your “why” is the driving force to achieve it. Discovering your “why” may be easier said than done. Because your “why” goes beyond paying the bills, a great vacation, making a profit, or simply having more free time. Your “why” is the key to being extraordinary. And it has nothing to do with education, background, or money.

My “why” is to encourage and mentor women to Stand Up and Speak Out for their beliefs, and ideas. I do this through what I call, “The 3Cs” (Courtesy, Courage, and Common Sense) on both a personal development and business level. Successful Women Made Here is based on “The 3Cs” as all it takes to BE THE CHANGE the world needs. With “The 3Cs” in balance, you can take action and leave a legacy you can be proud of.

When I work with clients privately, I start with my “SMB” method - Story/Message/Brand to discover your “why. ” We uncover your Story because therein lies the Message you want to convey, which leads to your Brand.

Still figuring out your “why?” Join us on your adventure at our Successful Women Made Here monthly events that include a notable businesswoman, training, and mastermind session to help solve your challenges and share your triumphs; and/or with a private session.
Fall in love with success! I’d love hear from you and learn what motivates and inspires you, too. What intrigues you enough to attend an event? I’d also like to gift you my ebook “The Top 3 Characteristics the Most Successful Women Possess” which you’ll find at

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