Business Women Connect: Relationships...

Relationships are the key to making almost anything happen. They are the foundation to the quality of our lives and to the results we get.

There was once a small boy and girl building a sand castle on the beach. They spent hours building towers, walls, and a moat. As they were building the tide crept slowly in. Suddenly, a big wave wiped it all away.

An adult nearby felt sorry for them because of all the work they had put into building the castle, until the two children held hands and ran off together, laughing as they scampered down the beach.

It was then that the adult realized a simple truth: it is fun building empire, but the lasting fun is in having friends you can continue to laugh with and be with long after all that you have spent your life building has washed away.

Love is the greatest thing in life and should be the main focus in everything we do. WE seek many things during our lifetime, hoping to find fulfillment in them. But without love, these things fall short of the desired goal. When we put our time and energy into things that do not fulfill us, we feel frustrated.

How do we best express love? Love gives...

Give some thought to the relationships in your life. You can either contribute to or contaminate these relationships by what you bring to them. Who do you need to forgive, or be more compassionate to? If you have unresolved anger or resentment, you must learn that you do not have to be angry just because you have the right to be.

You cannot give away what you do not have. Think about this in the literal sense. No matter how much you might like to, you can’t give away a million dollars if you don’t have it. Similarly, you cannot give pure and accepting love from a pure and accepting heart if you have neither. Explore unfinished emotional business and the times you have said “I can’t forgive, because they aren’t sorry and they don't’ deserve or even want my forgiveness.” Realize that forgiveness is a choice. You have to choose it.

Treasure your relationships. cultivate them like a garden. Don’t neglect. Can you make a list of people you want to reach out to? Maybe you’ve been busy and have been meaning to make some calls to people who are important to you. spend your time on what is most important -- building relationships should be at the top of your list. Are you taking care of the people you care most about?