Business Women Connect: What does it mean to be balanced?

Maintaining balance in all the significant areas of your life is an important start to living a happier, healthier, more prosperous, and meaningful life! Being in balance allows you to feel whole and complete; it gives you a sense of harmony and well-being. Life balance is essential for maintaining the quality of life and work for you to live a fulfilled - purposeful life.

To create balance in life, first you must determine the important areas of your life. Your life is made up of many vital areas including your health, family, finances, business, intellectual, social, work, spiritual, recreation, personal growth, romance and more. You may not spend time daily in all areas, but when sufficient attention is spent over time you feel in balance.

However, neglect one area -  not to mention two or three – you sabotage your own success. It could mean that you have a handle on the various elements in your life and don't feel that your heart or mind are being pulled too hard in any direction. More often than not, you feel calm, grounded, clear-headed, and motivated.

Once I was able to achieve alignment, my life flowed in a way that allowed me to truly enjoy all aspects of my life and give greater detail to them.

I wanted to share these steps to help you get your life’s priorities aligned:

Acknowledge. Take some time to really look at your life, your state of mind, and how you're feeling. Be honest with yourself and notice the areas of your life that you're neglecting.

Reflect. What is the most important thing you've accomplished in the past? How did you stay focused toward this goal? How did you handle your fears, doubts, anxieties, worries, and negative self talk? How does it feel to know that you accomplished the goal in spite of these parts of yourself?

Prepare. What is your inner "stuff" that will try to keep you from sticking to your plan? (i.e. fears, worries, doubts, negative self talk etc.) Can you specify the things you will say to yourself to push you off track? (i.e. "just one more bite, I'll start eating better tomorrow") Make a list so you can be prepared to not give into your bad habits.

Empower. What do you need to remember in those times? What are things you can say to that self-sabotaging part of yourself? Be kind to yourself. Balance won't feel good if you're cruel to yourself in creating it!

Connect. Is there a person or a tactic you can use to keep yourself supported, motivated, and focused in those hard times? I highly recommend connecting and sharing your inner process with someone. Find someone who can help you challenge you and celebrate your little accomplishments.

Plan. Just like accomplishing any goal in life, it takes time and effort to overcome your habitual patterns and create new ones. If you stay on track with this detailed and intentional process for three whole months, then there is a good chance you will create new habits to enjoy a more balanced life going forward!

Achieving alignment will help you achieve what you want most out of life!