Carol the Coach: How do you move from Significance to Contribution?

Is there an inner voice that reminds you that you are significant and you could play a bigger game by contributing to make a difference in this world? Are you feeling fear and uncertainty and it keeps you from recognizing your greatness? Do you think that you are ready to move beyond your limiting beliefs and allow uncertainty to catapult you into change?

Mastin Kipp said in his book Growing Into Grace that "limiting beliefs keep us from feeling significant. They are obstacles to believing in ourselves. We all have limiting beliefs ... they originate from fear.... they keep us playing small. To take our life to the next level requires an awareness of these limiting beliefs and change.There is a certain amount of discomfort with uncertainty. As we get more comfortable with uncertainty, we have less fear and when we have less fear we are able to create actionable plans which promote change and taking our life to a higher level which is ultimately the pathway to creating purpose and bliss.

It is not a question of your birth, your ability or your "enoughness," it's a question of becoming aware of the patterns that you've held onto and then getting to the hard work of creating healthier ones. This means there needs to be actionable planning in your life to accomplish the movement forward so that you can make a difference in your own life and in the lives of others.

Tony Robbins said it best when he said 'the quality of your life is the quality of uncertainty.'

You see, fear keeps us in the comfort sound. It keeps us from playing a bigger game. It is inevitable that we will live with uncertainty, but the hope and purpose of coaching is that by talking about the uncertainty, the hopes and the dreams, we help each other to make that happen."

The formula is a simple one but not simple to follow.

As you think about yourself and your life, is it a possibility to connect to your higher sense of self through your higher power?

Do you have community around you that will increase the synergy of your life's purpose and assist you in creating actionable steps that will move your life forward to obtaining that purpose?

What is one action step that might move you closer to playing a bigger game and living out your purpose and bliss?

Questions to consider (please answer with the first thing that comes to mind.)

What has talked at your heartstrings to accomplish, achieve, contribute, or serve?
Please write out a statement of purpose. What would you like to accomplish in your own personal life? What did you hope that you might help accomplish in your community… your world?

How do you envision others assisting you in co-creating that purpose?
When you write things down you're much more likely to make them happen, so spend about three minutes answering the following questions.

What are you most afraid of?  In other words, what are you most uncertain about regarding your purpose? What would need to happen to encourage you to take that next step? What is that next step?

Don't let fear and uncertainty hold you back. They are normal reactions to taking that next step!

Every person was born for significance