Carol the Coach: The Power is Within You

Have you ever experienced a crisis and felt like you had no control in the outcome of the dilemma? Well you always have choices no matter what the circumstances but the power is in seeing that you get to decide how to deal with the problem. And often times when you make the decision to stay empowered you take yourself out of the victim role and take charge and grow from it. As you read this you may be saying to yourself that you have absolutely no control in your situation. Perhaps your spouse has asked you for a divorce, you are sick, your house has burned to the ground, however even in those circumstances, you invariably get to decide if you are going to see any good that could come out of it. This may seem unrealistic to be so positive about an unfortunate situation. When you stay empowered and positive, three things occur.

  1. You feel better about the situation and so you don't feel the devastation that naturally occurs when things get tough.
  2. You deal with things differently and are more likely to attract the people into your life that can help get you through the crisis.
  3. You begin to accept the dilemma as a part of life and work through things more naturally.

Imagine that your spouse has asked for a divorce and you unequivocally are against it. It may feel like you are at his mercy. But the truth of the matter is you can feel your feelings, seek out support, decide that you are going to handle the separation with grace and dignity. This will likely give you more options. You will be able to notice your own strengths, you will have more confidence, you will be more fun to be around, and you will be in a better position to access people, places, and things that will afford you more opportunities.

You never need to feel imprisoned by your situation. Let me give you a personal example. I recently had an eye condition that appeared to be your basic conjunctivitis. I received treatment for it and after 3 weeks of it getting worse....I went to my wonderful eye doctor who said I had an ulcer on my cornea. He immediately referred me to a cornea specialist that indicated that my prognosis was poor. He said there were relatively no treatments and I might be heading for blindness. I decided to keep a positive attitude, utilize visualization where I would imagine the ulcer getting smaller and smaller, and stay in gratitude for my good eye that allowed me to see.

One week later the ulcer was healed although my vision has been greatly affected. My doctor says that there is nothing that can be done today although I know there are amazing things that are occurring with medical research. As I wait for potential treatments, I am personally going to imagine that I can heal my eye with every visualization. I have decided that I will be the poster child for this medical dilemma and I will look forward to the opportunities that this medical crisis will bring.

What situation are you dealing with currently and how might you choose to look at it so that you become empowered? We all have that capability to affect our circumstance with our thoughts and our brain. You too can be the poster child for whatever is affecting you....all you need to do is to decide that you have the power!