Education Spotlight: MedTech College

Medtech College provides a hands-on learning environment for students preparing for a variety of both administrative and clinical healthcare careers. Nursing programs typically attract the most interest. In fact, roughly two-thirds of all students attending the Indianapolis, Greenwood and Fort Wayne campuses are enrolled in Nursing.

Before they even start their clinical training, Medtech nursing students work to perfect their “bedside manner.” Students at the campuses hone their skills through advanced simulation labs with high-definition mannequin “patients” that exhibit the same symptoms as people they will eventually treat as licensed nurses.

“The technology in our nursing labs and simulators reinforces lessons learned and provides students life-like hands-on experience,” says Medtech College Regional Vice President of Nursing Natalie Hall, MSN, RN. “It’s an important experiential learning component for preparing skilled graduates.”

In addition to these technological advances, Medtech is refreshing its Nursing programs to ensure graduates are trained in all the latest disciplines. Under the direction of Hall and a team of directors and instructors, Medtech’s Indiana campuses have launched a special program – Extraordinary Medtech Nurses - to enhance and strengthen their Registered Nurse and Practical Nursing programs in a big way.

The five-step initiative encompasses:
• Improving top-to-bottom communication;
• Expanding faculty development;
• Increasing program rigor;
• Improving NCLEX pass rates; and
• Meeting ACEN performance standards.

“Simply stated, we plan to become the best in the business, and this is how we are going to get there!” Hall adds.

Improved Communication

The positive results of effective communication are well documented and essential to achieving solid patient-centered training among future nurses. Hall’s nursing team is refining the communication process at Medtech campuses to facilitate enhanced dialogue between administrators, instructors, staff, and students.

Nursing programs now have their own newsletters to ensure everyone’s aware of campus activities and policies, and provide updates on emerging healthcare trends.

Equally as important, new processes are in place for discussion to flow more smoothly and quickly from students up the “chain of command.” As part of this process, nursing student representatives are invited to attend faculty meetings so questions or concerns can be expeditiously and efficiently addressed.

“Nursing students are why we are here,” Hall explains, “so we’re employing every measure to ensure their voice is included in our processes and procedures.”

Expanded Faculty Development

Every business benefits from putting employees through relevant, ongoing training. That’s especially true with respect to faculty development at Medtech College’s campuses.

“To demonstrate our commitment to becoming a stronger nursing presence, we’ve brought in national nursing consultants to educate our staff on best practices in nursing education,” Hall notes.

According to Hall, Medtech nursing instructors are both experienced nurses and qualified educators. In order to build additional credentials, the campuses are encouraging faculty to obtain specialty nursing certifications in addition to hiring new talent with extensive experience and expertise in a variety of nursing fields.

Increased Program Rigor

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, research demonstrates that schools are most successful when they provide rigorous academic coursework, relevant learning opportunities, and meaningful relationships with instructors to help students achieve high standards. Medtech’s nursing campuses support that philosophy.

A major element of the Extraordinary Medtech Nurses initiative encompasses building added rigor into the nursing programs by re-defining and re-structuring student policies and procedures. Included among the enhancements are an increased grading scale and strengthened admission requirements. Campuses will be even tougher on the best candidates to ensure the most successful student outcomes.

According to Hall’s team, those and other steps are being implemented to help every Medtech student who enters the program and graduates as a student nurse passes the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination - an examination for the licensing of nurses in the United States) and eventually stand among the profession’s elite.

Improved NCLEX Pass Rates

The goal of every nursing student is to pass the NCLEX exam to become licensed and work as a nurse. Because nurses must be able to competently administer potential life-saving treatment, the exam is – rightfully - very rigorous.

Many nursing graduates have the knowledge to pass the exam but, just like with ACT or SAT exams, some are better at standardized testing than others. NCLEX questions are asked in very specific format and graduates must know how to answer in the same fashion.

To help nursing students prepare for the exam, Medtech offers an expanded NCLEX review course as part of its curriculum. The campuses also have established new student advising and tutoring programs.

Nursing students who may be apprehensive about the NCLEX now have several new tools available to them at Medtech College.

Meet ACEN Accreditation Standards

Considered by many to be a ‘gold standard’ of nursing, the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) is a specialized accrediting agency for post-secondary and higher degree programs in nursing education. The ACEN accreditation process is strict…and extremely comprehensive.

The Extraordinary Medtech Nurses program has been developed and designed to meet ACEN’s stringent standards so Indiana’s Medtech College campuses can eventually add that extra layer of credibility to their nursing programs.

Described as part art and part science, nursing appeals to dedicated people with special interests, strengths and passion for helping others. Nursing is integral to Medtech’s education focus because the skills and knowledge nurses bring to medicine are transforming healthcare.

Previous Medtech College graduates are doing just that at a significant cross-section of hospitals and healthcare networks state-wide, including St. Vincent Hospital, St. Joseph Hospital, IU Hospital, Lutheran Health Network, Columbus Regional Hospital and Riley Hospital-Indianapolis, among others.

Through its ongoing initiatives, Medtech’s Nursing program is committed to becoming even better with each passing day.

Through their focus on emerging healthcare needs…particularly in the nursing field, Medtech College’s Indianapolis, Greenwood and Fort Wayne campuses are valued contributors to communities throughout Indiana.

For information about preparing for nursing and healthcare careers at Medtech College, call the Indianapolis campus at 317-845-0300 or Greenwood at 317-534-0322.