Feature Article: Her Name Was Cathy

I never knew her, although I wish I had. Her life was not easy. She was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 28. When they could not remove the cancerous tumor from the top of her thigh, the doctors were forced to amputate her leg and also remove a portion of her hip. Due to the time and the severity of the amputation, she was never able to wear a prosthesis. She walked again on one leg with the help of metal crutches attached by arm braces to both of her arms. She went through three treatments of chemotherapy, and she lost her hair and her energy too many times to count.

Her prayer, through those fifteen years of her battle with cancer, was that she would live long enough to raise both of her beloved children. God granted her prayer petitions; she lost her valiant fight with this torturous form of cancer as her youngest child, a daughter named erin, was turning fifteen, and her oldest son, named Ryan, was twenty. Those extra years she had to raise her family were truly a miracle.

I met her husband after her death through a mutual banker/friend, who was clearly playing cupid. We married soon therafter, and his late wife's story became a part of my story too. She also kept a prayer journal through those difficult years of fighting cancer. Remarking how similar our journals seemed to be, my husband showed me portions of her journal. My eyes were full of tears as I read and was moved by the gratitude with which she wrote. yes, God had allowed her to suffer physically beyond what we can comprehend, but her heart was full of love and gratefulness for what she was given. In a sense, I do know her, and the gift God gave her of being able to raise her children is evident in each of them.

Article by: Marti Starkey
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