Feature Article: Oh February

The Roman calendar refers to February as "Februarius," a word derived from Latin, meaning "purification." (1) The calendar did not always include a "February" because the Romans considered winter to be a month-less time (something the blizzard reminds us is basically true), but in 713 BC, the powers that be in the Roman Empire added February, and it has remained on the calendar ever since. (2)

February has always been one of my favorite months because it seems to me that it causes us to reflect; perhaps the cold temperatures, the short days, the overcast skies and the holidays long past us add to this time of insight. It was not a surprise to me that the birthstone for February is amethyst, which signals piety, humility, spiritual wisdom and sincerity. (3) These are all qualities which, if we are honest, we admire in others and desire to attain for ourselves. It also contains Valentine's Day, which is a day in which we reflect on those we love or have loved the most (a most worthy endeavor). :)

Here are a few of the many other special days in February:

* National Bird-Feeding Month (United States)
* Super Bowl: First Sunday of February (United States)
* Presidents Day: Third Monday of February (United States)
* Groundhog Day: February 2 (United States and Canada)
* Abraham Lincoln's Birthday: February 12 (United States)
* Valentine's Day: February 14
* George Washington's Birthday: February 22 (United States)
* Leap Day: February 29 (every four years, with some exceptions)

Enjoy your February (it can be pronounced either with the first "r" or without it)!!!

(1), (2), & (3) - Taken from Wikipedia (R), a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.

By: Marti Starkey