Business Spotlight: Chernoff & Associates Cosmetic Surgeons

Cosmetic Advancements & the Science of Aging Well

For close to 20-years, Chernoff Cosmetic Surgeons has brought state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures and exceptional patient care to Indianapolis. Advanced surgical, non-surgical, and aesthetic treatments combined with an extraordinary commitment to research and results have earned the practice a reputation that is difficult to match.

Chernoff Cosmetic Surgeons is one of the largest and most contemporary Cosmetic and Laser Centers in the Midwest. The Center performs thousands of treatments and extensive research for biotech & laser manufactures. Dr. Chernoff is involved in several exciting research programs. One program investigates how fibroblasts, stem cells, and other forms of regenerative medicine are paving the way for numerous aesthetic and health improving treatments. This research will expand the treatments available to our patients from tissue repair, joint pain to hair replacement.

Early access to new treatments and therapies combined with expertise and knowledge, allow Dr. Chernoff’s patients to benefit from state-of-the-art treatments for any skin problem or improvement goal.

Laser Assisted & Endoscopic Procedures

A significant advancement in cosmetic surgery has been the use of a laser and endoscope in surgical facial rejuvenation procedures. Patients who are not ready for a larger cosmetic procedure have experienced excellent results with this option. Sagging jowls, eyelids, and eyebrows, can easily and quickly be restored. Patients now have the option of no anesthesia and minimal downtime with these treatments.

“I came to Dr. Chernoff because I wanted to look by best, natural, and not overdone. The endoscopic and laser assisted procedures made such a difference and the care I received after my procedure was outstanding. My healing time was shorter than I expected. My only regret was waiting so long to have it done!”

Radio Frequency, Ultrasound, & Light-Based Therapy

Chernoff Cosmetic Surgeons offers the highest intensity and effective Radio Frequency (RF), Ultrasound, and Light-Based treatments. RF uses high frequency energy waves to tighten and tone skin. The non-ablative treatment is excellent for fine lines, collagen building, scar therapy, and acne control. Ultrasound stimulates the deep tissue for optimal skin tightening and collagen building. RF and Ultrasound combined decrease fat, cellulite, tighten skin, and improve overall skin quality. Intense Pulsed Light rejuvenates skin, improves sun damage, spots, acne, redness, and fine lines. These treatments combined with medical facials, spa treatments, and custom medical skincare; provide exceptional results for Dr. Chernoff’s patients.

Advancements in Fractionated CO2 Therapy

An advanced and effective in-office laser treatments offered at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery is Fractionated C02 Therapy. The treatment uses micro penetration energy points which seals the treated area. This process boosts collagen building deep into the layers of skin. The treatment ranges from non-ablative to moderately ablative based on the therapeutic settings used. This treatment improves skin tone, builds collagen, reducing acne, improves fine lines, age spots, scars, sun damage, stretch marks, and pore size.

New Therapeutic Laser Technology

Chernoff Cosmetic Surgeons is the first Cosmetic Center in the United States to administer Multi-Wave low-level light based laser therapy for pain management, tissue repair, wound healing, and inflammation. The treatment works by penetrating the tissue with multiple low-level lasers or light-emitting diodes to alter and improve cellular function. Dr. Chernoff also offers a therapeutic laser treatment for Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss to help our patients reach optimal health.

Advanced Injectable & Combination Therapy

Chernoff Cosmetic Surgeons now offers “Naturally Your Best” therapy. This therapy combines injectable options and other treatments to plump lips, smooth folds, reduce fine lines, and improve skin quality. Additionally, the Center offers long-lasting and natural options like cellular therapy and autologous fat injections to help patents improve scars, lines, wrinkles, and overall skin tone and quality.

Dr. Chernoff has dedicated himself to the art and science of medicine, patient care, and aging well. After medical school, Dr. Chernoff completed a five-year residency followed by three years of intensive fellowship training in Facial Plastic, Reconstructive Surgery, Laser Therapy, Breast Rejuvenation and Body Contouring. This training provided him with comprehensive expertise matched by very few. His innate aesthetic vision, meticulous surgical skills, and his gentle humility, provide his patients with a quality of care that is second to none. Dr. Chernoff combines meticulous surgical techniques with the latest non-surgical therapies to give his patients consistent rejuvenation results.

Julie Leonetti is a Registered Nurse and has over 25-years of experience in cosmetic medicine. Julie is a certified injection specialist and trains nurses and physicians on the art of meticulous injection techniques. Julie is an expert in surgical and non-surgical options. She has performed thousands of injectable and laser treatments and instructs healthcare professions on optimal patient care.

Julie and Dr. Chernoff spend countless hours educating patients prior to any cosmetic procedure from injectable therapy to surgery. Dr. Chernoff and Julie care for patient’s everyday after surgery (including weekends) to provide reassurance and follow-up care. Dr. Chernoff is one of the few remaining physicians who will make house calls for patients. Both Julie and Dr. Chernoff live by a “what ever it takes” approach to providing patients with exceptional results.

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