Business Spotlight: Gillum Facial Plastic Surgery

Some people work to live, others love to work.

Although Denise Kaler, Director of Gillum Facial Plastic Surgery, jokes that she "works for airfare" to visit her grandkids in Texas, she absolutely loves her job and can't imagine doing anything else.

"I work for Dr. Timothy Gillum, a surgeon whose skills are unparalleled and a man with a very compassionate heart,” says the dark-haired beauty. “He is a man on a mission, who travels to Haiti to donate his time and skills to help others less fortunate.”

Denise is also proud that she works with a surgeon on the proverbial cutting edge of his field, one who is always researching the latest breakthroughs intent on bringing only the very best to his patients—with the help of his experienced staff.

Every day, Denise meets people who enter the office with a simple wish—to look their best, at whatever age. No way around it: Aging happens to all of us. But contrary to today's youth-centric culture, beauty is not defined by age.

When the 59-year-old grandmother is asked about hitting 60, she echoes the sentiments of actress Halle Berry, 46, who said: "Don’t stress about your age or fight it. You’re moving into a new phase of your life—embrace it.”

Denise wholeheartedly embraces her next phase and is thrilled to share life-enhancing possibilities with others."I love the industry I am in,” says the busy clinic director. “Today, people can take advantage of so many non-surgical options, offering better results with shorter recovery times than ever before.”

And contrary to popular opinion, it's not only women seeking a more youthful appearance. According to The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, more and more men are stepping forward to invest in a more refreshed look often at the encouragement of a wife or significant other.

“One of our male patients in his late 50s summed it up best, when he said, 'I am at the peak of my career, but age has definitely crept into my life and onto my face,’” Denise recalls, adding that he wanted to explore what was available to help him “restore a more youthful look, one more in tune with my spirit.'”

Dr. Gillum's staff patiently explained the options, from surgery to the latest in injectable fillers and volumizers available--with Juvederm, Restylane, Radlesse, Sculptra, the most widely used. He opted for Botox to ease the lines in his forehead and fillers to plump up the creases and folds around his nose and mouth.

"I was both surprised and thrilled with the result," he told Denise. Today, he is now very interested in a new procedure called ultherapy.

"Ultherapy is a good option for anyone concerned about early signs of aging around the eyes, cheeks, and neck,” explains Dr. Gillum. "This exciting technology is office-based, takes approximately one hour, and has absolutely no down time. Additionally, this focused ultrasound procedure allows for enhanced results when combined with conventional cosmetic surgeries —brow lifts, facelifts, and eyelifts.”

Like many patients, he also likes the idea of no downtime and taking advantage of the less invasive procedures before opting for conventional surgery.

“I first heard about ultherapy on Dr. Oz and 20/20,” he said. “After talking with Dr. Gillum and Denise, I have decided that this is the next treatment for me. I trust the team at Dr. Gillum's and know I will get a good result.”

Denise gets to witness beautiful transformations every day... little wonder she loves her job.

For a complimentary consultation at Gillum Facial Plastic Surgery, call Denise at 317-571-0756.