Business Spotlight: Really Smile Dental

All too often the pain and dysfunction of TMJ appears to not have a cause that can be treated medically, so patients go from doctor to doctor, looking for the magical treatment that will stop their pain. Unfortunately for Rachel Leigh, each "We can't find anything wrong..." meant that her music career was put on hold for a little longer.

When Rachel Leigh was placed in the hands of a different kind of doctor, Dr. Matthew Ferris, a NUCCA Chiropractor, she had found someone who fully understands that connection between head and neck pain and poor jaw alignment. When Dr. Ferris saw the poor relationship between Rachel Leigh's upper and lower jaws, as well as the symptoms of jaw joint dysfunction that she described to him, he knew that correcting the poor jaw relationship would be as important as correcting her spinal alignment, in relieving her of her continuous pain.

Dr. Ferris' referral to Dr. David A. Smith at Really Smile Dental provided Rachel Leigh with an opportunity to experience the benefits of a different kind of dentistry...Neuromuscular Dentistry.

The poor relationship between Rachel Leigh's upper and lower jaws caused the muscles of her head and neck to hold her jaw in an uncomfortable position. It was as if she was running a marathon with her face. The muscles became sorer and sorer as they became more and more overworked, resulting in Rachel Leigh's horrible pain.

The muscles of the head and neck are designed to work in harmony with the jaw points and teeth. When there is no harmony between the muscles, joints and teeth, the parts can start to break down. Rachel experienced head and neck pain, which is muscle failure, while other patients clench, grind, and destroy their teeth or damage their jaw joints, creating clicking, grating, and popping sounds from the area in front of the ear.

Through the use of Neuromuscular Dentistry, Dr. Smith was able to relax the muscles of Rachel Leigh's jaw, relieving her pain and allowing her to once again create the beatiful music that she is known for.

If chronic head and neck pain is a problem for you, contact Dr. Smith and the Really Smile Dental Team at 317-841-9623 for a consultation to discuss if Neuromuscular Treatment is an option for you. Perhaps you too will then sing beautiful music like Rachel Leigh.

About Rachel Leigh:

"My career as a musician and artist began as most do: dreams in my heart that I acted upon. I began writing music and taking piano lessons at a young age. By the time I was 21 and had graduated from college I decided to move to Los Angeles to fully pursue music. It was there that I began having TMJ symptoms including migraines, headaches, eye …floaters, ringing in the ears and other wild symptoms. I continued pursuing my career while making regular visits to an array of specialists and doctors. No one could tell me what was wrong.

I left LA and moved to Nashville and continued to see different doctors but each one of them turned me away stating that, "nothing was wrong," and, "it's all in your head." I was in constant pain and desperate for help so when a friend recommended a chiropractor I jumped at the opportunity for help.

Post X-rays finally had an answer! The chiropractors showed me the different vertebrae in my spine that were misaligned as well as my jaw. I began to search on the internet for jaw dislocations and found that TMJD described many of the symptoms I was having.

Eventually, I was connected with Dr. Smith and the Really Smile team in Indiana.This was the final chapter of healing for my TMJ disorder. Finally! Mixed with upper cervical chiropractic care, Dr. Smith's techniques and the appliance I began wearing stopped my headaches dead in their tracks. My pain was gone! I felt like I was getting my life back.

I was able to once again perform pain free. Not only was I able to move forward with healing from TMJD but I also was able to Œfinally release my Œfirst studio EP, "Slow Down." Thank you Dr. Smith and the Really Smile team for giving me my life back...pain free!!!"

Rachel Leigh's album, "Slow Down" is now available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Visit or on Facebook and see her performing at a venue near you.