Business Women Connect: Get to the DOING of It!

How many websites have you visited this week?

How many seminars have you been to this year?

How many webinars have you sat in on?

How many “Pick your brains” coffees have you had?

Chances are, plenty. You’re on information overload. You keep thinking that the next post of the next teaching is going to give you the one “secret” that’s going to tip you over the edge and make you a wildly successful marketer.

It’s not that easy. You know what’ll make you a successful marketer? Marketing. Sitting down and finally doing all that stuff you’ve learned about, whether that’s getting your web site updated or firing up those social media accounts.

Knowledge is power, but only if you put it to ACTION! Don’t let paralysis by analysis become an excuse not to get started and to keep waiting, waiting, waiting. Eventually, all that good stuff you learned stops doing you any good because it’s become obsolete. Get to it already!

Here’s how you can make the most of those fabulous seminars and webinars you attend: from every event, get one takeaway. Maybe that’s to create a blogging editorial calendar, create a Pinterest account or figure out what your brand voice is. It doesn’t matter what, simply that it’s a single actionable goal.

Now, promise yourself not to go to any more seminars, attend any more webinars or spend any other significant time researching anything that doesn’t support your goal to implement one strategy. Keep the promise to yourself until your goal is completed.

You’ll be surprised how much more results you will achieve with just one take away from each teaching. Instead of winding up with reams of notes you know you’ll never use, you’ll have a laser-focused vision of what needs to be done and how to go about doing it. You could spend the rest of your life going to conferences and absorbing information like a sponge. If you’re anything like me, you’ll even enjoy every minute of it. But remember: the goal of marketing is not to become a marketing expert. The goal of marketing is to be awesome at selling your products or services - YOU and YOUR company. Put your knowledge into action! If you’re keeping all that information filed away or stored on a notepad, what’s the point?

Stop burying yourself in information and start acting. Go back to your notes from your last conference or your last blog binge and find the one thing that’s going to make your business better right now. And from the wisdom of one of the greatest marketers of all time, Nike - Just Do It!

Shelly Aristizabal is the new President of Business Women Connect. She is a seasoned business coach, advisor and speaker who helps entrepreneurs network to success. Learn more about Shelly and her recently published book This Is Your Year at, &