Business Women Connect: How to Make 2014 Your Best Year

When it comes to making 2014 the best year of your life, the secret is to figure out the “one thing” that if you achieved it, would change your life so dramatically that it would make for the best year of your life.

In my book “This Is Your Year to Design & Live the Life of Your Dreams”, I take you through a process that vets out your entire life: your core values, strengths, weaknesses, ambitions, fears, purpose and inner most passion to try and help you discover your most important dreams and then basically the ONE goal that matters most in your life.

Action: That’s your first challenge: figure out your ONE THING that if you achieved it would make this your best year ever.

Now let me help you achieve your one thing…

You will be tested. You will encounter obstacles. It will be yucky at times. You will want to quit. So, you need a significant reason WHY you want to forge ahead and continue to pursue and persist through the pain, obstacles and yucky stuff.

Action: Figure out your Big Why.

Self-Discovery List the one key behavior most important to accomplishing your goal, your “one thing.” You are one key behavior away from a massive transformation in any area of your life.

Think about it: Your business results? A few consistent behaviors could massively transform your results. This is true in your health, parenting, networking, and leadership…any area of your life.

Action: Figure out the one behavior most important to accomplishing your “one thing.”

Habit Of course for that behavior to add up to anything, it needs to become a habit. Habits are those things you eventually do without thinking about them. One of the key strategies to developing new habits is to install that key behavior into a routine—something in a predictable sequence that removes thinking from the equation.

Sticking With It
Everything measured improves. Tracking keeps your awareness on your key behavior long enough to where it eventually breakthroughs the automatic habit barrier. Inside “This Is Your Year” is 52 weeks, 365 days of inspiration, information and action to help you design and live the life of your dreams.

Accountability You will be more accountable to other people’s scrutiny than of your own. Use this to your advantage.

Action: Find someone you know, like & trust to share your goals & dreams with - ask them to help you stay on track.

Associations You become who you hang with. If want to stick to the behavior and habits you need to accomplish your “one thing” you MUST get around those who are committed to that same behavior and habit patterns. Period.

Thoughts = Destiny You will want to bombard your mind with supporting ideas, inspiration, information and resources that will support your sustained motivation to sticking with your goal.

Action: Figure out your supporting information and personal development plan.

At Business Women Connect we want to help you make 2014 “Your Year”! Join us today!

Shelly Aristizabal is the new President of Business Women Connect. She is a seasoned business coach, advisor and speaker who helps entrepreneurs network to success. Learn more about Shelly and her recently published book This Is Your Year at, &