Feature Article: For Whom Will You Brush Off the Snow?

My day begins with a delicious, strong cup of coffee (or two) and a quiet time. These times are early, most often before the sun comes peeking through pearly clouds and shining in my kitchen window. They have become more special to me as the years have passed. One morning, I was looking out the picture window in our family room, during such a time, lost in my thoughts and prayers. I noticed as the sun came up that a large snow had fallen through the night. It was a beautiful wet snow, stuck on everything in sight. Our popular bird feeder was covered. It is a feeder that consists of a long, clear tube with holes in the sides all around and a perch at every hole. There is a dish at the bottom for the birds to gather and rest. I noticed that the seven inches of snow was piled high all around the dish of the bird feeder, so high that none of the food was accessible to any of the birds.

I then noticed our resident redbird fly to the feeder and start to hop all around the sides of the feeder, knocking off the wall of snow which had accumulated. It took him quite some time and a tremendous effort to hop round and round knocking off the snow as he went. I thought to myself, he must be very hungry to be so aggressively knocking off the snow and getting cold and wet in the process. As I watched him finish the job, much to my surprise, he jumped off without eating a morsel and allowed all the other small birds, who were waiting, to eat first. After the small birds had finished, he flew back and started to eat. It was such a simple, selfless act from a brilliantly red bird, but I have not forgotten this example of how we should live.

For whom will you brush off the snow? I am sure that you have loved ones you care about and for whom you want to provide, even after you are gone. One of the best ways to do that is to make sure your estate is in order. It, too, is a relatively simple, selfless and inexpensive process when you see the right legal professional, an attorney who has concentrated his or her law practice on estate planning. After this work is complete, you will be surprised at the peace you will feel, knowing that you have taken care of your loved ones, brushed off the snow for them, so to speak. Only then, can you turn your heart and mind to the things in this life that are truly important to leave behind.

Article by: Marti Starkey
Harrison Moberly, LLP