Women Changing Lives: Money, Money, Money

When asked what they want more of, most people say time and money. Last month, we talked about time, so this month, it's about money. There is a great song from the show Mama Mia called "Money, Money, Money" and the lyrics go like this:

"I work all night; I work all day, to pay the bills I have to pay.
Aint it sad?
And still there never seems to be, a single penny left for me.
That's too bad.
In my dreams I have a plan; if I got me a wealthy man, I wouldn't have to work at all; I'd fool around and have a ball!"

Haha! Well, for most women...that's not necessarily a great plan or a realistic one. And, so many women I meet are sick and tired of being sick and tired. They have been affected by the economy by tit downsizing their income, savings or retirement. So how do they even think about more income...where do they begin?

You know, somewhere along the way the American Dream has shifted from working hard and creating financial security to overspending and creating massive amounts of debt. That’s the number one reason why people claim they need more money…to pay off debt. Dave Ramsey writes in his book, The Total Money Makeover, “there are only two ways to become financially stable: earn more or spend less.” Imagine what can happen when you do both. Without debt you can save more for retirement, pay cash for the family extras, and use your money to make a difference for others. Without debt, you can sleep better, worry less and have greater hope for your future.

Financial experts such as Ramsey, Suze Orman, David Bach, and Jean Chatzy can provide the tools and teach you how to manage your money resulting in having more by spending less. Women Changing Lives and our partner company can help you add to your income even alongside what you are currently doing.

That’s why we love what we do! We have the vehicle to earn more money. We get to help people pay the bills at the end of the paycheck, create their Plan B for retirement, college funds, vacations; become stay at home parents; and yes, get out of debt. We have a proven business model that works.

We can say this with conviction, since the company we work with is debt free, GREW by $94 million dollars in 2012, bringing them to over $1.13 billion in annual sales. So if you are one of the many that need more money, call Karen today for your appointment.


Karen’s journey includes climbing the corporate ladder for over 15 years, over 120 hours of graduate studies, owning and operating franchise restaurants, and having her own successful business working from home for the last 13 years. She is an entrepreneur focused on having a positive impact on everyone she meets. Contact Karen Caprino-Burg at 317-828-3061 or Karen@WomenChangingLives.net.

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