Women Changing Lives: The Bucket List

At Women Changing Lives, we believe to change your life you need to create your life's vision; to see your life's infinite possibilities. That requires thinking BIG. What better way to think big, than to create your Bucket List and start marking items off this list.

What is a Bucket List? It's your wish list of "to do's" before you die otherwise known as "kick the bucket." In 2008, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman starred in the movie, The Bucket List, about two terminally ill men trying to fulfill their Bucket Lists. Long before this movie came out, I made my list of 100 things I wanted to do before I die. Periodically, I review my list to continue to cross items off the list.

Do you have a written Bucket List? If so, how are you doing? How many items have you crossed off your list? If not, start one. Write down everything you would like to do. No Limits! It can be as simple as read something positive every day to go zip-lining to travel to Hawaii (all now marked off my list). Write down everything you can think of. Open your mind to the idea that anything is possible.

I am sure that some of you will never create a Bucket List because you don't believe you can complete the items on your list due to your current situation, whether financial or personal. Others will make the list, proceed to mark some of them off, and then realize you don't have the financial means to complete many items. That's where Women Changing Lives can help.

Women Changing Lives specializes in mentoring professionals in the creation of true financial independence by applying a cutting-edge and brilliant business model. The company we partner with has over $1 billion in annual sales and is debt-free and only 27 years old. We train, support and mentor new business developers to create permanent financial satisfaction so you too can cross items off your Bucket List. We help you live a life where time and money no longer govern every decision.

Don't wait; contact Karen today so you too can have fun completing your list. For more information, contact Karen Caprino-Burg at 317-828-3061 or Karen@WomenChangingLives.net.