Women Like Us Foundation: Girls Are Worth It

“The low value that many families and societies place on girls makes possible many of the worst abuses they suffer. But even among girls who are spared the worst, too often it is a girl who is still the first to drop out of school, the last to be fed, the last to receive medical care. And in too many places, she is taught there are special limits to what is possible for her. “ Hillary Clinton.

Maybe you remember? How old were you?  14?  16?  The pressure to be “liked”, the longing to look like those girls in Seventeen magazine; the clothes you just had to have, but couldn’t afford, that would make you part of that special group; the aching to go on to college, to make something of yourself but knew your chances were slim; the dreams you had to see the world, do something great, but didn’t dare dream you could get there.  Maybe as a grown woman you’re still fighting these types of pressures.

Girls struggle with many of the same issues you did- and more.  Did you know-

  • 81% of 10-year-old girls are afraid of being fat.
  •  A girl is bullied every 7 minutes in the schoolyard, playground, stairwell, classroom or bathroom.
  • Girls are more likely than boys to be victims of cyber bullying.
  • One out of four college-age women have an eating disorder.
  • Suicide is the third leading cause of death among adolescents and teenagers.
  • 1 in 3 girls between the ages of 16 and 18 say sex is expected for people their age if they’re in a relationship.
  • 1 in 5 high school girls say they do not know three adults of whom to turn if they have a problem.

Right here in Indianapolis, leaders and volunteers of the community are working hard to make a difference in girl’s lives.  Meet some of the hundreds of girls who are being impacted by the Women Like Us Foundation’s program, One Girl at a Time.  They, like you, like us, have dreams for their lives. And we’re helping them get there- One Girl at a Time.

Alejandra strives to impact those around her in a positive way. She wants to embrace life and help others with what she has learned.

Ashley is a compassionate young woman. She is focused on what she wants and goes after it. She wants to become a nurse.

Perla strives to be the best she can be every day.  She loves a challenge and aspires to have a career aimed at helping others.

Yassmin is an inspiring young woman with a clear vision of reaching for the stars. She takes her studies seriously and wants to be a doctor.

Aghabi wants to become a pharmacist.  She is independent and self motivated. She hopes to attend Butler University.

Christina aspires to become a doctor. Feeling blessed in life, she promises to make a huge impact on bettering our world and return to her native Haiti to help other girls.

Erianna is driven to over come obstacles and strives to create change and improvement in her school and community.

Learn more about our girls and help effect change in the girls of our community.

Girls are Worth It!  Women Like Us Foundation Afternoon Tea and Speaker Series Annual Fundraiser.  Thursday, October 3, 2013 Union Station Indianapolis, Indiana

Attend, volunteer, donate, and sponsor teen girls to be the best they can be.

www.womenlikeusfoundation.org  888-958-3674