Carol the coach: Success Requires Action


People ask me what the single most important thing is that they can do to accomplish their goals and live out their dreams.  They invariably ask if it is “belief in oneself” or a well defined intention or a solid support system. I smile to myself because all those criteria are critical to goal formation however the most essential life skill is to have is a well developed call to action to implement the goal.

Goal Implementation

It matters not how much you believe in yourself if you aren't willing to create a plan to carry out your goals. Goal implementation is critical to making your dreams happen and let’s face it ….it is the grunt work that increases the likelihood that you get the job done.

Create a List of Five Things Every Day to Move You Towards Your Goal

This typically requires that you put together a list of 5 tasks that will need to be accomplished to achieve success. The list may include finding investors to support your project so you may need to list 50 people to insure that you find 5 investors. If you are working on creating a clear proposal so that you can pitch your idea you may need to talk to some mentors to get their feedback, or read a book  on sales pitches or write out 2 or 3 pitches from an emotional, a practical or a financial perspective. Make sure to design 5 tasks to work on that goal!

If you are selling a product it might include cold calling potential candidates who might be interested in the business venture. Creating a vehicle to sell the product. Finding a venue to do workshops to spread the word, looking for people who might be interested in sharing a joint venture, or adding an area on the website to pitch your product.

Working on personal goals requires "The List of Five Too"

Action steps for weight loss might include picking a time to weigh daily, finding a weight loss program that supports your lifestyle, choosing an exercise regime to assist you in weight loss, reading some related articles or books to educate and support your goal.

Find That Sacred Space

Spend some time choosing a space that is environmentally friendly so that you can design your life in style. Make sure your space is ascetically pleasing. Keep it clutter free to allow your creativity to flow.

It is important to designate a specific time and place to work on your goals daily.  Morning people capitalize on their early morning energy.  Night owls and many mothers prefer the 10 pm hour after the kids are asleep and the house is quiet. CEO’s often designate a time when they are "not to be interrupted.”  They explain that they are more successful if they train people that they are not to be interrupted from 10-12 or 3-5. Some employees prefer to come in early before their employees to access that quiet time. If you were going to choose a time that’s off limits to everyone, what time would work best for you?

So now that the New Year has started and you’re evaluating your upcoming goals, take a moment to evaluate these tasks for success and ask yourself if you have orchestrated your life to implement the needed steps to get you to your goal.  I can promise you that when you follow the guidelines above, you optimize goal implementation....which automatically sets you up for success!

Carol Juergensen Sheets, LCSW PCC is a psychotherapist and personal life coach. SHe does motivational speaking and empowerment trainings locally and nationally. To find out more about her services, contact her at or call her at 317-218-3479. You can watch Carol the Coach segments on WTHR's Channel 13 Wednesdays at 12:50PM.