A New Year, A New Way to Workout

 After rewarding your cleaning efforts with that last slice of holiday pie for breakfast, you step out of the shower and unexpectedly catch your reflection in the mirror. Who is that stranger? In an instant the New Year is lurking and everything within you knows: It is time for a new you.
 If the prospect of pounding the treadmill next to a bunch of strangers does not inspire you to lace up your sneakers, you are not alone. Boredom is credited as a top ranking reason why people do not exercise yet one fitness service is changing the game here in Indiana. 

What if you could go to unlimited fitness classes at over 30 different boutique studios and gyms for one price, would you? 

Chances are that doing Hot Yoga on Monday, Cycle on Tuesday, and Zumba on Friday would more than spice up your workout regime. Well, that’s the concept behind “Open Gym Indy” the first and only fitness concierge in the Hoosier State. With over 400 fitness classes per week to choose from, as an Open Gym Member boredom is not an option. 

“This model of one flat fee for unlimited classes at different gyms is wildly popular in big cities such as LA, NYC, and Chicago,” said founder and owner Jennifer Gabou of Fishers based OPEN GYM. “It was time for Indiana to have the same opportunity to get fit, have fun doing it, while supporting our local businesses.” 

For a flat monthly fee of $79, Open Gym Members gain access to some of the areas most exclusive high-end fitness studios. The process is simple and exclusively online. Sign up online and then select the class you will attend, show up, and get your heart pounding. “We believe that when people are seen as an individual and have the chance to get plugged into community that they succeed,” remarked Gabou. “They succeed in creating a lifestyle that they love and in attaining the wellness they so deeply desire.”

The studios within the Open Gym Community boast perks that are unheard of inside of corporate box gyms in the area, “At Body, Mind, & Core Yoga in Carmel, for example, “ Gabou said with a smile, “when your hot yoga session is finished the instructor will often bring each person a cool, moist toilette to refresh your face.” And for Open Gym Members, the privileges do not stop there: clean towels, private showers, hot exotic tea, fresh coffee, personal assessments, and advance class reservations, are just a few of the amenities that make working out a special experience at independently owned gyms. The only stipulation as an Open Gym Member is that you can not attend classes more than 4 times in a calendar month at the same location.

“Every single person I talk to says that they would like to be in better shape, and now is the time” said Gabou “we are projecting that we will be at capacity sooner than we expect so I invite our community to take advantage of this chance to join this fitness movement in Indiana by becoming an Open Gym Member.”

A New Year, a new way to workout, a new you. By mixing up your workout, trying new things, and committing to fitness, perhaps 2016 will be the year you can have your cake and eat it too?

Become an Open Gym Member by visiting www.opengymindy.com