Wellness Spotlight: The CLIMB – Improving lives through Exercise

The CLIMB – Improving lives through Exercise

Launched in 2011 in Noblesville, IN, the CLIMB is a place for exercise, reflection and connection to renew people with Parkinson’s disease from the work and pressures of their daily lives. The CLIMB helps the Parkinson’s community by providing specialized programs of exercise and physical therapy, yoga, massage, speech therapy, motivational and spiritual support.

Stories of Transformation

Some of the most mundane activities a person does in their daily routine can become challenging and even a hindrance in the lives of people living with the disease. 

Tom Erickson was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about a year ago, and has been coming to The CLIMB the past several months. Since attending the program, Tom has greatly increased his mobility. “I can now climb my stairs at home and get in and out of my car with ease,” says Tom. “I can take walks, even lengthy ones now with my wife, without problems.” Tom also adds that the program has helped him in so many other ways. “Cognitively, he says, “I can think clearer, and overall my health has improved.” 

Bob Turner has had a similar experience attending The CLIMB Program as well. Bob was diagnosed with Parkinson’s eight years ago and has slowly seen the symptoms worsen as time has progressed. His Neurologist suggested he try The CLIMB and he’s been attending ever since. “At one point,” explains Turner, “I was unable to tie my shoes, feed myself, and get dressed. It was also very difficult getting in and out of the car. I had a terrible time.” Within six months at The CLIMB, Bob is now able to walk on his own, and also has his driving privileges back. “I feel great and really enjoy it”, explains Tom. Because of the wonderful program and instructors at The CLIMB, Bob definitely sees the place becoming a permanent fixture in his life.

About the Indiana Parkinson Foundation

The Indiana Parkinson Foundation was founded in 2009 with a mission to improve the daily lives of people with Parkinson’s mentally, physically, and spiritually. To learn more about this nonprofit organization, visit www.indianaparkinson.org. 

Choose to Move – Race To Beat Parkinson’s!

On Saturday September 19, the Indiana Parkinson Foundation will be holding the 3rd Annual Choose to Move race starting at 9am located at Saxony Park in Fishers. This event gives members of the Parkinson’s community, friends and family a chance to come together to raise awareness and funds to help beat Parkinson’s. All proceeds will go to benefit the Indiana Parkinson Foundation which will provide the Parkinson’s community assistance in wellness, fitness, and support through various programs, including The CLIMB. Choose to Move with us today by registering! www.indianaparkinson.org/choose