A Web App to Help With Your Case

In family law matters, I often tell my clients that communication with the other parent needs to be documented. Even if your case isn’t contested, it is still a good idea to have written confirmation or proof of certain communications with the other parent. For example, I typically suggest using a shared calendar, such as a Google calendar, to jointly upload and view all activities, events, or parenting time schedules for the children. This way both parents have the responsibility of uploading and reviewing the information and it can help limit communication where that may be necessary.

Unfortunately and too often in contested family law matters, text messages, phone calls and voicemails between the parties come into play and the process of reproducing those communications for the court can be tedious. This process can be anything from retyping the entire text communication or call log into a word document or screen shooting the entire communication from the phone and reprinting the images. A web app called PhoneView ($29.95) for Mac users and Copy Trans for PC users can easily decrease the complications with reproducing these communications. But unfortunately, this app is only for iPhone users.

The app allows you to connect your phone to a computer using a USB cable. All of the content from your phone including but not limited to text messages, call logs, and pictures is uploaded and archived and can be saved as PDF files. The information is saved in a way that allows an attorney to prepare the PDF as an exhibit and admit it as an authenticated document into evidence at your hearing. It may also be necessary to use this app when responding to discovery from the opposing party. Often times, a party will request all communications between parties. Not only does this app allow you to upload written communication, but you can also upload videos, voicemails, and other recordings you may have stored on your phone. 
Before purchasing these apps, discuss these matters with your attorney to determine if it is necessary for your case. 


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