Women Like Us: Three Journeys. One Mission. To Change the World.

Women Like Us
Three Journeys.  One Mission.  To Change the World.

A Documentary Film Premiering February 2016.

Indianapolis- Los Angeles- Chicago- New York City

Picture this.  Your life is fulfilling, you have a happy family and your career is doing fine.  Your relationships with your family, your partner and your friends are good.  Yet you know something is missing. You have a sense of something not quite in balance.  You watch the news, the reports about tragedies like the earthquakes and hurricanes; the drama of lives in turmoil every single day.  And you look around.  There's a nagging feeling deep in the pit of your stomach, that little bleep in the back of your brain that says you should do something.

Or what about this picture:  You know that as a woman you are a part of more than half the population in the U.S.  And yet you feel like you're not living up to your potential and you don't get why not.  You do all of the right things.  You've learned how to "work like a man," you've used the opportunities given to you in the corporate world so you can climb the ladder of success, you understand the need for analysis and the drive for accomplishment, which is part of the accepted success strategy you've learned, yet you feel unfulfilled and perhaps like even a bit of a fake.

What you are experiencing just might be the beginnings of awakening toward a journey that will get you on a different and thrilling track. On that "road less traveled." Yet, on the road that women are realizing is their birthright. That sense of needing something more, that sense of wanting to be present as a contributor to the needs of the world, could just be what will become the start of transforming your life, and the beginnings of identifying your passion for clarifying the real you, the person you want to become. A journey that will help you discover how you can use your passion to bring light to the world, and use your feminine traits of collaboration and relationship building to satisfy your own yearnings for contributing to the greater good and living your life on your terms. 

Excerpt Women Like Us Illuminating the World.

So what can you do?  What can we do?  What can women do to send the message to the world that we are here to help-to use our own individual skills and partner with our communities and the world and do our part to make it a better place for all?  

Enter three women who decided to make a film- to tell women’s stories- to move women to find their own voices and make a difference in their own way.  Whether we’re holding the hand of a child crossing the street, planting a garden for the beauty and the health of our community or traveling around the world to help sustain others who are making a difference, it all matters.

Inspired by Linda Rendleman’s Women Like Us Book Series, this documentary film introduces three women who are striving to find their own voices and make a difference in the world.  They recognize the power of the work women are doing for the greater good and realize their personal part for creating change.

Traveling with film producer Sally Colon-Petree, celebrity television host Catt Sadler and activist and author Linda Rendleman, the film reflects their personal journeys of inspiration and motivation in addition to pivotal and compelling conversations with women leaders such as Ida Odinga, former First Lady of Kenya; Dianne Hudson, former producer of Oprah Winfrey Show; Caroline Burnett feeding and housing the homeless at the Dream Center in Los Angeles; CNN Hero Robin Emmons farmer and champion of healthy foods for the needy; Kim DeWitt champion for girls who are victims of FGM in Kenya; Deb Myers advocate for teen girls and more.  Documentary music by celebrity musician Moby.

The film calls for all women to take action in creating change in the world using their innate skills of compassion, communication and collaboration while working together as one to become a catalyst for a better quality of life for all humanity.

Their stories are singular…their passions are shared.

Our journey began in East Africa.  Women Like Us Foundation took a group of 15 women and girls from across the U.S. to Kenya to support the work of remarkable women changing the world there.  Joining our humanitarian initiative was the International Spokesperson for WLUF, award-winning journalist and host of E! News, Catt Sadler, along with her mother; Author and Cofounder of WLUF, Linda Rendleman.  Producer/Director Sally Colon-Petree of Dream on Productions brought a film crew to chronicle the journey of these women.  It is through the eyes of the women, the motivation to reach out and take chafe for change, that the documentary found its message.

Back in the United States we continue to film women’s stories and develop the messages of women who are changing the world.  These women who are devoted to addressing the needs of not only women, but also humanity inspire us. It is clear that women, indeed, are a voice to be herd and they are creating a movement where the power of women is effecting positive change in the world.

Through the voice of media and television, this is the opportunity for Women Like Us Foundation, in association with Dream On Productions, to reach out to millions of people and tell the stories of these compassionate, collaborative and world-changing women.  Their stories will inspire and change lives; their stories will change the world.  And their stories will motivate the viewer with a call to action for whatever one can do in a large or small way to make a difference.

Previews and Sneak Peeks are available on social media and on http://www.womenlikeusfoundation.org

Watch announcements for exact locations, times and dates of the premieres of this important film.