A Time Table to Healthy Eating

Rigid and strict diet guidelines seldom work long-term. Instead they promote frustration and guilt. Diets should be tailored to meet individual needs. So, there should be as many diets as there are people on this Earth. You can easily design your own menus by using a few simple suggestions.

Did you know that by eating a large breakfast and lunch (protein rich) accompanied by a light evening dinner, including enzyme supplements, one can lose more weight than with any other diet program.  Eat the majority of food in the morning and at lunch, but very little after 3 p.m. We know this is hard and most likely the opposite of what you currently do, but your body will thank you.

Avoid micro-waved foods. Micro-waving food causes protein molecules to become indigestible, form free radicals, and build up unnecessary deposits in the body. Undigested protein can trap water and become a substantial contributor to future chronic disease conditions.

The worst time to eat a rich meal is at night! This is due to the reduction of stomach acid necessary to digest protein. The reason that most people do not have an appetite in the morning is because their rich, late night evening meal still sits half-digested in their stomachs. Typical symptoms resulting from late night protein meals are: poor sleep, bad breath, puffy eyes and face, coated tongue, foul taste in mouth, muscle pain and body stiffness, feeling extremely fatigued, and other symptoms of auto-intoxication. It is a protein intoxication.

To avoid auto-intoxication from undigested foods simply limit protein at night– all meats, nuts, eggs, beans, tofu, and hard cheese. These foods need up to 10 hours (or more) to fully digest. Your stomach acid, which is necessary to break down protein is greatly reduced in the evening, particularly after age 40, as we mentioned earlier. This is the main reason for acid reflux.

Plan enough time so you can eat in a relaxed manner and chew your food well. This will help with your overall digestion.  It’s only a matter of time management throughout your day. Healthy habits lead to a healthy life!  

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