No Time to Cook


Mary Ann Wietbrock RN MSN

Breakfast was a grab bar while running out the door to go to work. Lunch was a quick bite from the local canteen. A 16 oz. Cola in the afternoon was for a pick me up.

Where did the time go? The day is over and the list still has things that have to get done. The
kids are hungry and practice starts in 20 minutes. Many Indiana residents are heading to the nearest drive thru for dinner.   

The nutritional value of drive thru food has been cited as one of the main causes of obesity. The convenience and cost outweigh the time to shop and cook. The food satisfies the hungry kids and the coach is happy when the kids show up on time. And, we do want a happy coach so the kids get time to play on game day.

When the family does get home, there is homework to do and laundry to wash before tomorrow. Does this sound all too familiar? How do you get ahead of the game? Where do you find time to cook a healthy meal? 

Lara has recently returned from Nashville Tennessee. She sees the difference in the two communities. She states people in Indiana are too busy, always rushing around. She finds it interesting that the people in Nashville seem to have more time to enjoy their life.

Our culture in Indiana has lead us to have the 3rd highest rate of obesity in the country. There is no single fix. This statistic is on the rise. Soon, we may be on the top of the list. 

Most people are aware they are overweight or obese. Some care and some do not. The doctor may tell you to lose weight. So, how do you find a program that does not cost a lot of time or money?

While the taste of food is important, most food that taste good is usually too high in calories, salt, or fat. One drive thru hamburger can have 600 to 700 calories and over 1000 mg of sodium. That does not leave a lot to eat for the rest of the day if you are trying to lose weight. 

Solutions must meet the individual needs for each person. Timing of meals, location of food, and skills in preparation are all challenges we face. The answer may be a home delivery service that provides all the essential items for a meal. But, you still have to plan and order the food. 

Grab and go foods do not have to come from a box or a drive thru. You should not have to spend an hour in the kitchen every day to have healthy meals. 

Dave says it is all about choices. What are your priorities? Carving out 2 hours a week can make a difference between having healthy meals and eating on the run. When eating on the run becomes the norm, then the calories build and build. As the years go by, you wonder how you gained so much weight.