Carol the Coach: Create Your Own Destiny

Last month’s column was all about practicing, rehearsing if you will, a desired outcome and then repetitively seeing, feeling and believing that you could accomplish this through mental rehearsal. If you missed the column go to and search for the article by using my name. As a coach, I have worked with 1000’s of clients who have accomplished great things because they practiced this mental rehearsal process.
I would suspect that in your busy, harried life you have likely not met many people who supported your greatness and the techniques that empower you to know that you can change. I would even suspect that it is likely that you are so busy taking care of others that you likely do nothing to fortify the time needed to be your BEST self. 
So, my first question to you is would you be willing to take 20 minutes out of your day to focus on what you want in life? You must create the space to do the work.
Next you will need to hardwire your brain to release the limiting beliefs that you have about you. Did you know that your mind can affect your reality? If you have lots of self-doubt about making money, losing weight, getting that new job, or finding the right partner, you will put that energy out there and attract exactly what you don’t want.
So, my second question is what do you want and will you spent that 20 minutes imagining that you can have it. You will need to use all 5 of your senses to access a picture or feeling or knowing what that would look like and then repeatedly … like a child does …. experience yourself making that happen in your brain.
When you do this as a daily exercise your brain creates new neurocircuitry  that allows you to access it differently.  You rewrite the limiting beliefs and the old automatic habits and create a new software program that works for you instead of against you!
So lastly, I would ask you if you have the supports in your life to remind you of your greatness?
That might look like a church, synagogue, or temple that reminds you that all things are possible through Him. That might mean that you attend a school of metaphysics that teaches you about your greatness. That might look like attending a Transcendental Meditation Course to help you with meditation. Or listening to great podcasts from Hayhouse Radio. I have free podcasts through iTunes called “Your Best Life” You can download and listen to them when you are cleaning the house or going on your run!
One of the greatest gifts that comes from my profession is that I attend seminars all over the country that teach me how to do this stuff and then I pass it on to you. I originally thought that my professional choice was an accident and then I realized that I had created my own destiny thanks to the support of my Grandmother and her tiny little books she kept in her house that told me that I could do anything through my belief in the universe.
Are you ready to take your life to the next level?  If so, there are plenty of free resources, you just have to want it bad enough! And that is equally important for you to decide that the attention that you devote to something determines where you place your energy.