A year Later and Nothing has changed... Have you?

Every year I take quiet time during the holidays to reflect over the last year and visualize the coming year. I review what I accomplished and what I didn’t and why not. Sometimes I really have to face the brutal facts when answering the question of why not. Then I decide if I still want to accomplish those goals that I didn’t and determine what I need to do differently. Have you gone through a similar process only to find that you are in the same place, year after year?

So what will make 2012 different?  Some of you are probably saying, “Are you kidding? I’m working more and earning less”. Or maybe last year you lost your job, your home, or your retirement.  Unemployment is at an all time high, companies are filing bankruptcy, and those that do have good jobs now have a golden noose vs. just the golden handcuffs. Have you just been watching and “hoping” something is going to be different?

Don’t just hope, DECIDE. This time will pass - again. Where will you be when it does? Decide it is time to make some changes. Decide what your goals are and decide you will reach those goals no matter what, which means doing the work. That’s when I find most people stumble. What they need most to achieve their goals are: time, money and a willingness to work. And it’s always more, not less. That’s where Women Changing Lives can help. Don’t find yourself next January exactly where you are today - still just hoping.

If you are willing to work – I can help. Learn how you can supplement your income alongside what you are currently doing or replace a substantial full-time income. We are not MLM or Party Plan. Call me today and next January we will celebrate your accomplishments!


“I look forward to hearing from you and helping you make 2012 a year of celebration, not a year of just hoping something will be different.”


Karen Caprino-Burg is the founder of Women Changing Lives. She has had a successful business for twelve years and has helped many others. Call her today at 317-828-3061, 888-802-4321 or email Karen@WomenChangingLives.net.