Do you want to be in better Shape? Open Gym let me count the ways!


“Yes,” says Jennifer Magley, owner of OPEN GYM Indy, “the answer is always yes.” When launching OPEN GYM, a fitness concierge service allowing it’s members to attend classes at 30 different gyms for one price, Magley surveyed over 1,000 people going door to door to see what motivates people to get in shape.


“Losing weight and becoming healthy are very personal aspirations. We found that when offered the opportunity to workout in fitness classes among like minded individuals-- people thrived and achieved more,” Magley said with a laugh, “but most importantly they had fun. Being the best version of yourself should be fun after all.”


It is this kind of attention to detail that has caused Indiana Hoosiers to get up, get moving, and explore the various activities for shaping up locally through OPEN GYM. Just as “Shopping Small” has gained popularity, Magley believes that it is time to “Sweat Small” too.


The OPEN GYM concept is simple: for $79 you can go to unlimited classes at the nicest locally owned studios and gyms.


The only stipulation: you can only go to classes at the same location no more than 4 times in a calendar month.


All fitness classes are booked in advance through the OPEN GYM App on your smart phone

“Hot Yoga, Cycling, Zumba, Muay Thai, HIIT Training, Boot Camps…we offer over 500 different classes per week through Open Gym. Our members are never bored,” Magley says with a smile. “There really is something for everyone.”


Want to get in shape where the pros go?

Try classes at iFast: Indianapolis Fitness and Sport-Voted one of the top gyms in the country by “Men’s Health” & “Women’s Health” Magazines.


Interested in dancing the pounds away?

Try Zumba classes at Revel Fitness where no experience is necessary and you are sure to get your moneymaker shaking.


Ready to sweat it out in hot yoga?

Try classes at Body, Mind, & Core Yoga the décor, energy, and cool towels at the end of class are sure to awaken your inner yogi.


Feel like punching someone?

Checkout Goblin Muay Thai, where you’ll learn technique and get a killer cardio workout while safely striking pads among friends.


Want fast results?

Try cycle classes at InCycle where you will pedal away the pounds burning nearly 1,000 calories in an hour while the music pumps.


Feel like jumping around?

Try SkyRobics at SkyZone awakening the kid inside while challenging your adult body on a trampoline.


Interested in Barre classes?

Improve your strength, tone, and flexibility doing the Anna Newcomb method at Studio RE in Carmel.


Where else can I try classes as an OPEN GYM Member?


1& Only Fitness                     Balance Yoga             Better Bodies             CITYOGA       

CrossFit Infiltrate                  EVO Rock & FitnessEndurance House     Fit Chicks       

Fit Body Bootcamp               Inner Peace Yoga      Just Breathe Pilates   Massey Martial Arts

Peace Through Yoga                        QuantumFit                Revolution X              Santosha Yoga

Select Show Horses            Source Yoga               SPARTA                      Survival Fitness

Three Kings CrossFit                        Baby Boot Camp       Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center           


To become an OPEN GYM member & see a full listing of classes visit