Five Ways to Start the New Year Off Right

Its a New Year.  Today is the perfect time to follow these 5 ways to start the year off right, and take charge of what you are getting out of life.


#1 Do a yearly review


Take a look at where youve been and celebrate the successes in the last year.  Ask yourself these types of questions:


    What went well for me last year?

    What accomplishments did I have?

    How did I improve my life?

    How did I improve my relationships?

    What did I remove from my life that is now making me happier?

    What do I wish I had taken more time for?


Keep a journal of these questions and your responses that you can refer back to in the future: your answers over the years will be very enlightening.


Ask these types of questions about all the important areas of your life, such as family, relationships, financial, career, home, etc. These questions will help you appreciate all youve accomplished in the previous year, and you can use this information to start the new year off right.


#2 Finish what you started


Which projects, errands, and general list of to-do items do you have left over from the previous year that you can complete in 2 hours or less?


Keeping projects around doesnt do us any goodthey just weigh on our minds, and people will spend hours thinking about something that will only take 10 minutes to take care of. Cross those things off your list and give yourself a fresh start.


#3 Be realistic


Dreaming is fabulous, but if you want to make some improvements in your life, you need to be realistic. As much as you may want something, its very likely you dont really believe you can have it. (If you did you would already have achieved it.) We have to turn a dream into something we can visualize accomplishing before it can become a reality.


Take your dream and start breaking it down into goals: if you want to work from home, what are the steps you need to take? Break those steps down further so you can create a game-plan and start working towards accomplishing that dream.


#4 Focus on what you really want


Speaking of dreaming, ask yourself what your dream looks like. What are you doing in the dream? How are you living? Who is in the dream with you? What does a typical day entail?


These questions will help you define what lifestyle you really want, and give you ideas about how you can achieve that lifestyle. For example, if you see yourself relaxing by the fire with a good book and a cup of tea, ask yourself why you arent spending more time that way now. What things are in your way and how can you re-arrange your priorities in order to have the lifestyle you really want?



#5 Put yourself at the top of the list


Using the information youve discovered above by determining what you really want, put yourself at the top of the list this year. The old adage is true; we really cant help others until we help ourselves. Taking care of yourself and striving to reach your own goals will make you a better spouse, friend, co-worker, and parent.


Be sure to make time for yourself each day to work toward your goals, and pursue the lifestyle you want. Happy New Year!