Fat Is Your Own Fountain of Youth

Aging, weight loss, or other genetic factors can cause our faces and bodies to go through involution change.  Our eyes and cheeks can appear sunken in.  We develop vertical lines around our mouth commonly mistaken for “smokers lines”.   Our hands start looking boney and our buttocks flatten.  All of these changes are a result of loss of fat.


Autologous fat, which is your own fat, could hold the key to counteracting these changes.  Fat cells are naturally rich in stem cells. They can regenerate and restore lost volume anywhere on the face and body.


In cosmetic terms, it’s means transferring fat to improve facial and body contouring.  The process involves reshaping less desirable body areas, by removing fat from where it is excessive, and moving to areas that are deficient.   Fat is an excellent source of natural growth factors that can restore both volume under the skin and improve skin quality.


Many of my patients have benefited from different types of Autologous Fat Transfers.  I perform one or two each week.  The most common procedures I perform are fat injections to the face to restore lost volume for patients who have a “sunken in” appearance.  Additionally many patients have lines around the month and prefer having their own fat injected instead of synthetic fillers.   Fat transfer to hands have become more and more popular and help patients who have “boney” looking hands.  A Brazilian buttock lift helps restore lost volume to the buttocks using fat to add back volume. 


Autologous fat transfer is safe, natural and non-allergenic.  Your body accepts your own cells.  Autologous fat transfer is performed with a safe and effective method to remove fat, then, re-inject it anywhere you are experiencing lost volume.


Unlike synthetic fillers, fat transfer is long lasting.  Unlike implants, fat is your own tissue.  It’s safe and natural.  The transplanted fat cells develop their own blood supply and will remain their new location. 


Greg Chernoff, M.D., is a Triple Board Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with over 25-years of experience.  Dr. Chernoff has performed thousands of fat transfer procedures with excellent results. To learn more about treatment options or to schedule a consultation, Contact our Indianapolis, IN office at 317.573.8899 or visitdrchernoff.com.