How Do I know if I need to Colonic?

The answer is simple. Nancy Spahr of Cleansing Waters Wellness Center states,” After consulting and conducting colonics with more than 3,500 clients, I can honestly say that I've never worked with an individual who didn't benefit from detoxifying the internal body. It can be compared to asking your auto mechanic if the oil in your car ever needs to be serviced and changed." 


The human body is one of the best detoxification machines in creation, but even the best machine can lose efficiency if it is overloaded. 


When we don't eliminate properly, wastes may not be expelled for days, weeks, months, or years. When we don't eliminate our waste - whether it's from toxins in the air, or from fatty, sugary processed foods; the toxins back up in the colon, which can cause autointoxication, or self poisoning. You may be experience gas, bloating, heartburn or abdominal pain as a result. 


You can't be completely healthy if you're carrying a load of toxic substances in your body and colon.

Toxic build-up in the body, particularly the bowels, is the root cause of many of today's chronic health problems. A complete internal cleansing program that includes colon hydrotherapy and also addresses the blood, tissues and cells, with emphasis on the five channels of elimination (bowel, lungs, skin, kidneys, lymph) almost always produces definite and positive results. 


The bonus is that once the gastro-intestinal tract is cleansed, the digestive system is better able to absorb and assimilate all nutrients. Cleansing the colon and correcting digestive issues should be foundation for any nutritional and cleansing programs. In order for the digestive system to work optimally, the eliminative system must work optimally, as well.