Carol the Coach: Retrain Your Brain to Think Positive

You are so incredibly powerful and you may not even have a clue how to run and manage your own life from this place of power in a way that maximizes that potential! Now I am not blaming you because it probably is the result of how you were raised. You likely did not grow up in an environment that told you that you could be or do anything that you set your mind to. Often times our parents spent more of their time care taking our safety and judgment skills and less time cheering on our aspirations!

As a result, we heard a lot of messages that tell us to be careful, or not to do this or that, or to really evaluate our choices before we moved headway into our aspirations and dreams. Our parents didn't mean to be naysayers, they just wanted to protect us and make sure we were making the right choices.

As a coach, I feel that so many of our choices are driven by our intuition. I believe that there are many voices that tug at us about our greatness. If we as children were taught to pay attention to what we fell passionate about we would create futures in which we would more naturally follow our dreams.  

We have to use our own internal guide and self talk to empower us. Since we didn't have the messages we needed to believe that we could create our own greatness, we typically default into a world of self-doubt. Our brain acts as a super-parent to remind us what could go wrong in life instead of what could go right. 

Homework Assignment for 24 hours.

I would like for you to listen to your own “Inner Voice” and every time you say something negative to yourself, refocus and turn it into a positive. The task is to do this for a full 24 hours.