Feeling Fat Today? By Mary Ann Wietbrock

Feeling Fat Today?

Mary Ann Wietbrock RN MSN

What does feeling fat feel like? Let’s ask Dusty. Dusty states feeling fat is like sludge and feeling run down. She wakes up exhausted and has feelings of being not worthy. As she grows older, her digestion is harder to work through. She is having a war in her head that chips make her happy. When stressed, she will eat sugar, chips, and fast foods.

She is addicted to sugar foods and chips. The weight is wearing on her knees and she is afraid she will have a stroke or heart attack like her parents did. Dusty wants control over her life. She wants reasons to not be fat. She has regained 100 pounds and shops in fat lady stores.  

Dusty grew up in Colorado, a fit state. She now lives in Indiana where the obesity rate is third highest in the country. Dusty states the worst thing in American is being a fat women. She feels ridiculed and discriminated. She has less job opportunities and choices in life. People feel she is lazy and are afraid they will catch it, ‘being fat.”  

Food is a protection and provides emotional comfort. Dusty feels it puts distance between her and other people. She feels the best day is spending time on the couch being comfortable in her depressed state. She fills the void in her life with food. 

She was not taught about fitness and nutrition while growing up. She wants to understand the reasons to not be fat. She wants a brighter future when she wakes up in the morning.  

I asked her how far she had ever walked. Dusty stated she had not walked more than a mile on the Monon Trail. She did not know what it felt like to walk a distance. We walked 8000 steps on the Cultural Trail downtown. Afterward, she stated she felt great.  

Dusty states she was not sure how to fix a healthy lean meal with good fats. We discussed how to eat at least 2 ½ cups of vegetables every day. I encouraged her that changes in her lifestyle can make a significant difference in her energy level.

 Dusty wants to hear success stories of women that make changes that work. I shared stories of how changes in life style have helped women drop their weight, loose inches off their waist, and reduce the medications they take. The women have less fatigue and feel great. Read these success stories at www.cardinalelements.com.