Always Tired? by Mary Ann Wietbrock RN MSN

Always Tired?

Feeling tired all the time is hard work. You may not have the energy to do the many things that need done around the house or in your life. You may not understand why you feel so tired or you may know what ails you. 

There are many medical conditions that cause you to feel tired. Hypothyroid is an under active thyroid that causes many people to feel tired. This can be treated with a daily medication prescribed by your doctor. 

Breathing problems, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, depression and chronic pain are exhausting also. Going to the doctor, getting prescriptions from the pharmacist, and taking daily medications is a lot of work.

Kim thought she was too busy with multiple deadlines in her busy life and was just feeling tired. She states “I was just tired, not like I had just ran a race or had a headache, but was physically tired all the time and could not get enough rest.” She recovered after treatment for an acute illness. She says you should pay attention to your body. 

Fatigue is a self -reported feeling of a lack of energy and tiredness not related to muscle weakness as defined by Barbara Piper, An Associate Professor of Nursing at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. 

Obesity, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar can cause fatigue. It takes more work for your body to move when you are obese. The heart has to work harder to pump blood against a high blood pressure. The blood is thicker with high blood sugars and is harder to move blood throughout your body. Insulin resistance with diabetes make it hard for your body to use carbohydrates for energy. 

When someone is too tired, things just do not get done. Activities are put off till later or never completed. Adjustments are made in life that are gradual till finally you may realize that you just do not do as much as you used too. This is not a sign of aging. This is a sign of fatigue. 

There is hope for people that are tired all the time and do not have energy. How do you get rid of the fatigue so you are not so tired? How do you exercise when you are so tired? Is it motivation or a physical condition? 

After a medical doctor has ruled out medical diseases, an expert nurse specialized in fatigue can do a complete assessment to determine a plan of action to turn things around. For more information and testimonials of some that now have more energy, check out