September 2016 Business Spotlight: Chernoff Cosmetic Surgeons

ACHIEVING YOUR “NATURAL BEST” … A Customized Long-Term Plan

As we age, our faces and bodies reveal signs of this inevitable process under three main headings. First, we see the GRAVITATIONAL DECENT of our muscles. This causes our eyebrows to fall, excess tissue around our eyes, flattening of our midface, jowling and banding or fullness in our neck. The second sign of aging is VOLUME LOSS. Women in particular lose more fat around their mouths. This causes loss of bulk and definition to the lips, and the appearance of vertical lip lines, mistakenly referred to as “smoker’s lines”. Volume loss also give a flattened appearance to the midface as opposed to the youthful prominence of our cheek bones. The third sign of aging is “DECREASED ELASTICITY of our skin. This causes the appearance of crepe skin usually under the eyes and the lower cheeks.

 All of us have features we would love to improve upon. Sometimes these features adversely affect our self-esteem. With current minimally invasive technology, it has never been easier. I have spent the past 25 years perfecting a multi-modality approach for patients. I refer to this as, “YOUR NATURAL BEST”. It begins with a complementary consultation. After listening to your goals, I formulate a customized long-term plan for your esthetic improvement. This plan encompasses the repositioning of your fallen musculature, revolumizing your face, and improving the tone and quality of your skin. It is applicable to your face, and your body. It is for women and men. “YOUR NATURAL BEST” is designed to restore proportion and harmony to your looks. It creates a subliminal change. Our nicest compliment is that no one will know you have had anything done!
It is my job to be your “coach” through the process and for the next twenty years to ensure that you protect your investment. It is my job to manage your expectations in a realistic manner. The process is initiated ensuring a balanced diet, regular exercise, and psychological stability. I am so proud of my exemplary staff. My Nursing Staff, Surgical Staff, Patient Coordinators and Concierges are all here to help you reach “YOUR NATTURAL BEST” in a comfortable, supportive, respectful, safe manner. Once your personalized plan is established, the symphony of procedures begins.

First I start with the “GRAVITATIONAL DECENT”. The facial rejuvenation is typically performed in a single session. This is performed in a “State of the Art” Surgical Facility with stellar staff. The most common combination begins with the repositioning of tired looking eyebrows. This is done through a tiny incision behind the hairline so no one sees it. A TV camera goes into the incision and a laser is used to separate the muscular connections of the brows which lets me place them within a millimeter of where we want them. Next, I use a laser to remove any excess skin, muscle and fat from your upper and lower eyelids. Then I move on to reposition your facial muscles, employing the appropriate face lifting procedure for your anatomy.  The vector of elevation determines the softening of your marionette lines, restoring of the youthful midfacial bulk, and softening of your jowls to clean up your jaw line. Your neck bands or excess fat is then addressed. Many patients have “chipmunk cheeks”. This look is improved by removing your buccal fat pads through a tiny incision inside your mouth. Lastly, we address the skin quality. I favor the most contemporary laser procedures to tighten collagen, elastic fibers and promote new collagen production. Many patients elect to have BODY REJUVENATION” at the same session. Some wait for another day. After the procedure, you spend the first night in my facility, under the care of my Overnight Nurses of 25 years. You go home the next morning. You are typically ready to appear in public in one week. Subtle healing continues for one year.

During the course of your one- year follow-up, I see you monthly. At those visits I continue your rejuvenation process. Additional “REVOLUMIZATION” can be achieved using your own fat, a technique called Fat Transfer. There are also multiple commercially available filling materials that can be utilized. These fillers are used with finesse to plump up cheeks, lips, sunken temples, sunken décolleté lines and aging hands. Additional SKIN TONING” is helped through my multi-modality laser therapy in conjunction with cellular therapy such as PRP or platelet rich plasma. I customize an “AT HOME SKIN CARE PLAN” with my personal line of products which I developed 25 years ago. They are simple to use and affordable.

The results of “YOUR NATURAL BEST” are typically improvements in self-esteem and confidence which transcend into every aspect of my patients’ lives.