When is it the right time to focus on your Health... Your Ah Ha moment? Ideal Lifestyle Indy

When you get a life threating diagnosis like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, orthopedic issues, at risk lab work, or a friend/family suddenly is sick /dies.  Why do we wait when we can be proactive now.  When do you decide to put your health as a priority like your job, family, home, saving for retirement etc.   
Some people think that exercise is the key to losing weight and being healthy so they join a gym, hire a fitness coach but it is only 10% of the overall equation.   90% of weight-loss  happens in the kitchen.  Balanced daily nutrition is key to maintaining a healthy weight and active lifestyle.  If your body does not burn up excess carbs/sugars during the day it will store as fat and overtime you will gain fat and weight.   Did you know for every pound you are overweight it puts 4 lbs of pressure on your joints and bones. So if you lose 25lbs you are eliminating 100lbs of pressure of your body.  
So why do we have an obesity epidemic?  I believe it is the lack of knowledge on nutrition and awareness of health risks from being overweight long-term.  Also, changing diet and lifestyle habits takes time and effort and there is no quick fix!  Trying do it on your own does not yield long-term results.    At Ideal Lifestyle we realize anything in life that is worthwhile starts with a plan and commitment first to yourself that you are willing to invest time, resources and energy to achieve your overall health and weight goals because ”YOU’RE WORTH IT”.   Our promise to our clients through 1 on 1 lifestyle coaching and education is to empower you with the knowledge and the tools for long term success.