Business Spotlight: Havel Law Office


Finding a lawyer that will fight for you and touch base with you on a frequent and personal level is not easy to do.  When you hire me, this is the type of communication you will get.  I have 23 plus years of experience in personal injury litigation and trial work.  I have represented individuals suffering from serious injuries to the brain and body including but not limited to brain injuries, neck and spinal injuries, eye injuries, burn injuries, and injuries of the limbs including paralysis.

I will help you understand what your damages are including possible long term impairment, the amount of any past lost wages, and the loss of your ability to continue working in your present job or to compete in the workplace.  I fight for payment of your past and future medical bills as well as compensation for your pain and suffering, permanent disfigurement, permanent impairment, scarring, cognitive impairment, emotional distress, and the overall loss of the quality of your life.   Regardless of the size of the case, I fight as hard as I can for my clients.




When someone is injured in an accident, whether it’s an auto, motorcycle, or bicycle accident, a slip and fall, or some other circumstance caused by another’s negligence, that person is in shock.  It is difficult to think straight or ask the right questions.   Many times, a person is too injured to do anything at the time of their injury other than seek medical attention.  But often, that is not the case.  Knowing what to do beforehand can help you protect your claim.  Here are some simple tips on what to do if you are injured:   

Collisions involving moving vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks

Photograph the scene where the collision occurred before vehicles/motorcycles/trucks or bicycles are moved

Photograph the damage on all vehicles/motorcycles/trucks or bicycles before they are moved

Provide a statement to the investigating officer explaining what occurred from your point of view

Obtain a copy of the police report from

Notify your auto insurance carrier right away that you have been involved in an accident

Don’t agree to allow your motor vehicle to be salvaged by your insurance carrier until you have had a chance to examine your vehicle and take photographs.  If liability is in question, you may need the property damage information to help your case.

Slip and Falls

Photograph the rug, mat, spill, step, hole, obstacle or other item or circumstance that caused your fall.  If the slip occurred as a result of a mat or rug, photograph the underside of the mat or rug before leaving the scene

Report the fall to a person with authority and provide your own written account - do not sign their written account

Ask for a copy of the incident report before you leave the scene

Ask for the name of the company’s insurance carrier and request that a claim for your medical expenses be opened pursuant to their med-pay coverage

If the fall occurs at someone else’s home, ask for a copy of their homeowner’s insurance policy and/or the name of their homeowner’s insurance carrier

For all situations:

If requested, provide a tape recorded statement to your insurance company only – do not provide a tape recorded statement to anyone else’s insurance company or an investigator

Seek immediate medical attention – do not wait and delay treatment

Explain how you were injured to the attending physician

Follow all of your doctor’s orders and keep a copy of all medical visits, prescriptions and records pertaining to you injury

Know your health insurance coverage and keep track of your co-pays and expenses

If you have an injury and believe you may have a claim, I encourage you to contact me on my cell phone at 317-525-7754 or at my office at 317-576-8620 for a free consultation.