Carol the Coach: The 3 Steps to Actualizing your Potential

Life coaching assists clients in taking their lives to the next level. I help clients set goals that they have wanted to address but have not put into place because they seem unachievable or daunting.  Together we set up strategies as we work towards the achievement of their dreams.

Many times, we have to start the work by changing the client’s self-perception of herself so that she can use her personality strengths to accomplish her goals. We must address the internal work so that we can accomplish the external work. This requires that I work with my clients to change how they see themselves or how they envision the world. Often, they will have certain beliefs about themselves that hold them back from seeing their own potential. They will want to accomplish a goal but secretly they will negate their efforts or abilities. Again, this requires a major shift in what they believe about themselves and the world around them.

So, when you think about changing your life and taking it to the next level, is your head in the right place to KNOW your strengths and BELIEVE that life is going to support you? Are you willing to do the work and create the steps to make your life happen?

How Do You View Yourself?

As you are reading this, do you have something that you would like to change or accomplish? What are your strengths that could contribute to achieving your goals? Could you write down your strengths in the form of an affirmation? It might look like: I am an intuitive and resourceful person who will find the time to finish writing my book! Or, my compassion and love of animals will be the motivators for returning to veterinary school and becoming a vet!

How Do You View the World?

Can you hold the belief that your higher power, God, or the universe will support you? In other words, do you have an inner knowing that the world wants great things for you and that life is going to support you in your endeavors?

Are You Willing to Do What It Takes?

Stretching out of your comfort zone and trying something new requires diligence and discipline. Are you willing to carve out 2 extra hours a day to attend to your strategies and action plan to complete your goal? Are you ready to ask people to assist you in your dreams? Are you committed to making the sacrifices in your life to get to the next level?

If you have difficulty with any of the steps above, you might want to consider applying some of the techniques to strengthening your belief system about yourself, your life and your world.

Write out 50 personality strengths that you possess and post them obvious places like your medicine cabinet, your computer screen, your car visor on the refrigerator. Look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that you are amazing, gorgeous, brilliant etc.    Repeat several times a day that life loves you, or life has your back or that God is preparing the journey just for you.

And lastly, decide what structural changes that you will need to make to start this process of actualizing your goals. Begin to get up earlier, or mentor with someone who does what you want to do. Ask people for support!  When you begin to work it, it creates momentum and it starts the process to create the life you deserve!