Buying Basics! by Elaina Musleh

Buying Basics!

Ever found yourself wondering where to start in the buying or selling process?  Wonder no more.  Buying and selling a home is a fairly simple process provided you have a good REALTOR.  Here are my top needs to know for both buying and selling.


The buying process starts by connecting agent and buyer.  Once the relationship is made, criteria must be addressed, and financing lined up.  There are many qualified lenders who can help you get a loan.  Once you know how much you can and want to invest, the next step is to find a property that fits your needs.  This is the most important, yet exciting part of the process.  It is critical that you address all of the provided property information before placing an offer.  One key thing to remember when writing an offer is that everything is negotiable.  With a negotiated agreement in hand, it is time to complete the evaluation of the property you want to purchase.  This can include an inspection, appraisal, and title work.  It is your agents job to help you through this step of the process and guide you to closing day, just around the corner.



When selling your home the first step is making the connection the agent and the seller.  Once initial contact is made, it is your realtors job to explain the process from beginning to end.  During conversation the seller should be provided not only with information regarding the realtor, but comparable information about pricing.  If the seller is comfortable moving forward, paperwork is signed, measurements are taken, pictures are shot, and the home is prepared for market.  Once on the market, showings will start and the wait begins.  If an offer is received, it is to be reviewed and discussed.  This conversation is key to your response.  Just like buying you can accept, counter or reject the offer.  When an agreement is made, the countdown to closing will begin. 

If you or someone you know is looking to buy or seller a home, please contact me, Elaina Musleh, I would love to earn your respect and business as I have done with countless others before.