Know Your Limits! By: Carol the Coach

Are you moving too fast?  Is there something depleting you of your energy?  If something is draining, then it is preventing good things from coming into your life.  Life is about balance, and when too much energy is spent in one area, you have little time to devote to other areas that might be more replenishing to you.  Did you know when you feel good about how you spend your time; good things will happen to reinforce your energy and happiness?   Conversely, when you’re constantly depleted of energy, you won’t get to move toward goals that keep you feeling good about life.

I frequently work with clients on eliminating stresses that drain them of their energy.  Is there something in your life that you would like to “wish away”?  Clients often complain, “I wish I didn’t have to work two jobs.”  “I wish I wasn’t on that committee.” “I wish I didn’t have to have so much sex.” “I wish I didn’t have to live with my parents”. 

You do have the power to make your life different, but it requires sitting down, strategizing, and creating goals.  They can be small or large; if you don’t get help with housework you won’t have time to read that book that feeds your soul.  If you don’t give up being the top producer in the company, you won’t have the opportunity to explore other job opportunities that might bring you more happiness, self-worth or peace.   If you don’t get out of the addictive relationship you won’t ever meet that person who can be your companion for life. 

If an “I wish” statement frequently creeps into your conscience, it’s there for a reason and needs to be honored.  How do you do this?

·         When you write things down it is more likely that you will make it happen so write down            what you need to eliminate.

·         Spend some time in quiet reflection. When you quiet your thoughts, you are more likely               to intuitively know what to do.

·         Notice the feeling that you experience behind issue and spend some quiet time writing              about it as you will likely be able to link up the feeling to what you want less of in your               life.

·         Ask yourself how you can eliminate it or make it more manageable?

·         Brainstorm all possible solutions. They don’t have to be reasonable but usually when you            allow the creativity of problem solving to occur it opens up the opportunity to find the               solution.

·         Regardless of your fears, pick a potential solution.

Commit to practicing this new behavior and watch for signs that your life feels more manageable. It is not selfish to know your limitations and to honor them. When you say no more often and learn to manage situations it can allow you to decide what you need to take care of yourself and your life. The secret to a healthy life is doing what you enjoy and lessening life’s burdens especially if  tis repetition and makes you feel like you are spinning your wheels and not effecting change in your job, with your friends or within your family.

It takes courage to set up limits and create the life you deserve so spend time looking at what depletes you of your precious energy and take the risk to speak up or organize your life differently so that you can spend time concentrating on things that truly take your life to the next level!