Business Spotlight: Harmony Medical

Harmony is dedicated to help you find relief from the challenging and sometimes debilitating effects of hormone imbalance that can wreak havoc on us physically, emotionally, and sexually. If you suspect that your hormones are to blame for your aches and pains, night sweats, moodiness, irritability, mental fogginess, low libido or fatigue then we can help!

We consider our patients as family and your hormonal needs are our deepest concern. Our physician, Dr. Paul O'Brien, carefully evaluates your hormone levels and tailors the therapy according to what hormones your body needs to feel confident and well again. Life is stressful and often downright frustrating; now, combine modern-day stressors with the effects of menopause, post menopause, andropause (in men), or surgeries: i.e., hysterectomies that drastically deplete hormones, we are left feeling drained, tired or depressed.

The good news is that you or your loved ones don't have to suffer anymore--we are here to help. Our hormones are bio-natural meaning they are derived from plant sources such as soy and yams. Bio-natural hormones are identical to what is produced within our bodies unlike synthetic hormones which are similar but not molecularly identical.
Our goal is to balance your hormone levels naturally. Women and men greatly benefit from hormone replacement therapy. When there is balance, there is harmony!

Testimonial from Joni Michels

Hoosier TV & Radio personality Joni Michels, has joined the hundreds of other patients being treated at the all new Harmony Medical, located in Fishers on Allisonville Rd. Joni is a long time media personality, host, & reporter who has spent the better part of her career waking up “at the crack of dawn” she joked. She decided to try the therapy at Harmony after feeling sleep deprived & no zest for workouts anymore. “I started planning my days around “naps” and wasn’t getting the same results out of my Pilates and other workouts”. Joni believes most women on the planet can relate to that.

Another key factor in Joni’s decision to get treatment at Harmony Medical was that “I feel good about the fact that the therapy is natural and it makes me feel safe”. After her initial consultation & treatment she noticed an energy boost in less than a month. “On a Friday morning I got up at my usual 4am, actually “enjoyed my run”, went to work, ran errands for my parents, and hosted a party that evening!” Joni explained that it was like somebody just flipped on the light switch. After a few months into the therapy she said she noticed more subtle changes like her energy level was being sustained and she was getting more out her workouts. “We all lead busy lives and I love the fact the medical professionals at Harmony get you in at your convenience and they customize every individual’s treatment. I’m not dreaming about my next nap anymore either. I’m so glad I made the decision to have the therapy at Harmony Medical of Indiana”.

WFMS/WRWM /WJJK Traffic Reporter
TV & Radio Host/Spokesperson/Writer/Produce