2014 Starkey Entrepreneurial Award

Deborah Wood, Founder, Owner and CEO of DWA Healthcare Communications Group (DWA), is the 2014 Winner of the 11th Annual Starkey Entrepreneurial Woman Award. The Starkey Award is hosted by the law firm of Harrison & Moberly, LLP, Indianapolis Monthly magazine, and Marti Starkey (Equity Partner at Harrison & Moberly, LLP). The Award is given
each year to a female business owner, who has exhibited courage, tenacity and selflessness in starting and running her own business. DWA Healthcare Communications Group is a leader in the development of strategic healthcare marketing and education strategies, whose agencies include CME Enterprise and Avant Healthcare.

Congratulations, Deborah!

Harrison & Moberly, LLP and Marti Starkey also give a Starkey Entrepreneurial Spirit Award to individuals who have exhibited courage, tenacity and selflessness in an endeavor (not necessarily a business). This year’s Spirit Awards focused on the heroic efforts by the legal community in our country to fight the horrific crime of human trafficking. Human trafficking – a form of modern-day slavery – has become the second fastest growing criminal activity in the United States, following drug trafficking. In
recognition of the human trafficking crisis, the Uniform Law Commission drafted and approved an act directed against human trafficking. Three of the four Spirit Winners, Michael Houghton, Steve Wilborn and Anita Ramasastry, spearheaded the efforts to get the Uniform Act on Prevention of and Remedies for Human Trafficking drafted and approved. Jaycee Dugard, in her book, A Stolen Life, tells of her own personal experience with this horrible crime.