She had to die, So I could Live. by Brenda Baker


I wish someone had told me earlier in life that despite being physically, emotionally and sexually abused I could still be a happy person.  I wish someone had taught me that just because I didn’t look like or have the body of a model I was still beautiful.  I wish I had known what real love looked like so I wouldn’t have spent years in unhealthy relationships, giving my love and my body to people who didn’t deserve it. 

Although it has taken many years, I’ve finally learned and am still learning to see and love myself as God sees and loves me. After spending most of my life nursing the wounds of my past, God showed me that parts of me would have to die so the new and improved me could live.  As a result, I wrote She Had to Die, So I Could Live as an inspiration to others.  My goal is to help as many as I can see that in spite of bad things happening, we can always choose happiness as a response.  It’s true, but no one ever told me that.  Yes, after tragic events and broken hearts we can still be happy.  Even though we may have moments of anger, bitterness and depression it doesn’t have to be a way of life.

This book is filled with short stories about some of the events in my life.  I talk openly about things most people keep inside like low self-image, sexual abuse, rejection, unexpected death of a love one etc.  I not only discuss what happened, but I also share how through God’s grace I have learned and am still learning to lead a happier, healthier life.  As a supplement to the book, I’ve also written a Study Guide to help in group settings or in time alone.

What we know for sure is sometimes bad things happen to good people.  My hope is people will read my book and feel inspired.  And, after reading they will also feel compelled to reach out to others in similar situations and dare to make a difference.

Book Description

Are you looking for an inspirational book to help you navigate through life’s events?  In the book She Had to Die, So I Could Live the author Brenda Baker takes you on her journey to happiness.  Using short stories taken from her own life she discusses topics such as self-image, sexual abuse, waiting on God and a host of other areas of interest for women.  When used as a supplement, the Study Guide can assist groups and individuals in becoming your best self.

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