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We have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to women who’ve paved the way.  It’s not easy being amongst the first.  There are obstacles to overcome - not to mention some who may not be glad you arrived in their territory.  There may be misunderstandings over your attention of being the anomaly.  But, early pioneers like computer scientist Grace Murray Hopper, and 1940’s baseball player Dottie Kamenshek who inspired the movie “A League of Their Own”, pushed past the difficulties.  And, we have our modern day versions too at Successful Women Made Here (SWMH).

Each month, we’re fortunate to learn from our “SWMH Speaker Spotlight” of strong women like IndyCar Driver Pippa Man, internationally renown Artist Nancy Noel, Cathy Langham who helped bring the Super Bowl to Indy, IndyCar Driver turned Team Owner Sarah Fisher, Singer Lydia Abbott who travels the world giving orphans and women groups a message of hope, and SWMH member Sue Cinnamon – Sales Maverick for Sysco.  These are just some of the women featured along with marketing training and a mastermind circle at each event.  

These women inspire and leave their mark on us.  For instance, Pippa is the first British female driver to ever qualify, start, and finish the Indy 500 and was the ONLY woman driver in the 2014 race.  And, she didn’t come from a racing family either.  Her “mindset to success” is hard work and determination – stating in workouts she lifts the same weight the male drivers do as it takes physical & mental strength to focus and drive a racecar for hours. 

After years developing her talent, Nancy Noel spoke of how her bold, risky move to purchase an expensive magazine ad paid off to be the thing that garnered her national acclaim and sales of her art practically overnight.  Cathy Langham connected the importance of networking and the significance of serving on boards – which is not commonplace for women. 
When (single mom at the time) Sue Cinnamon stepped into food sales at Sysco, she was the only woman in that arena.  Yet, Sue achieved what few reach – the Sysco Corporate award and she’s done it 7 Times!  Her success tips are to build real relationships with customers, and help them succeed. 

The purpose of SWMH is for women to support one another and excel in business and in life.  Founded by Sheryl Matthys, the mission is based on the 3Cs (Courtesy, Courage, and Common Sense):  Courtesy to reach out and lift one another up, Courage to go after what you want, and Common Sense to stand for your beliefs. 
You have a story too.  Join us on your adventure at SWMH monthly events to be inspired, to solve challenges, to share triumphs; and/or book a private session for more guidance.  Start off with your complimentary ebook, “The Top 3 Characteristics of Successful Women” at

Do you have Rich habits?

Do the mega-wealthy utilize their time differently in order to achieve success?  You bet!  The very rich actually have certain habits according to years of research by Tom Corley.  Their “Rich Habits” focus on achievement, which provide more time for profitable work, family, and fun. 

I consider this a wealth formula – a tune up to more success!  Now, incorporating some of these may not immediately put money in your pocket but in time you’ll become more efficient at work and more aware of how you spend your time – which may open doors of opportunities for you.  These habits are a way of working smarter not harder. 

How does your lifestyle compare?  Here are 6 of the 16 “Rich Habits.”  

1.      LESS TV:  The mega-wealthy watch less than an hour of TV a day.  That one may be my biggest challenge!  Instead, free time includes in-person activities like personal development, volunteering, and networking.  Yes, they spend their extra time learning more and building relationships.  Their philosophy is “Learn to Earn!”

2.      READ MORE:  At least 30 minutes a day, the mega wealthy read, or listen to audio books and the genre pertains to non-fiction, education, current events, biographies, or history.  The purpose of reading is for improvement and information.  Fifty Shades of Grey is most likely not on their bookshelves, but then everyone needs a little break, right?

3.      LIVE WITHIN MEANS:  Yes, even with all their money – they live within their means.  Sure, you may think when you have millions does the well ever run dry?  Well, we all know of celebrities who seem to have it made yet declare bankruptcy.  The mega-wealthy pay their Present & Future-self first.  They invest in themselves with materials, masterminds, conferences, as well as in a portfolio.  This includes a retirement plan; investment funds that don’t lose money – other than stocks; less than 25% toward housing or their housing is paid off, 15% on food expenditures, and tend to “buy” instead of lease.

4.      MANAGE EMOTIONS:  The mega-wealthy master controlling their emotions by filtering them.  They understand volatile behavior can destroy work and home relationships.  Loose lips lead to trouble and to the wealthy are a sign of those who struggle.

5.      GO ABOVE AND BEYOND: The mega-wealthy write articles, are board members, create companies, speak at events, attend networking functions if not in charge of them…Those who struggle tend to say, “I don’t have time for that or that’s not my job.”

6.      POSITIVE OUTLOOK:  The mega-wealthy know their purpose in life.  They love what they do, have hope, set one big goal, and pursue their dream like it is their reason for living. 

These are just 6 of the 16 “Rich Habits” of Tom’s research.  I created a one-page cheat sheet I’d love to send to you.  Simply “Contact Us” from our website with subject line of “Rich Habits.”  

Do you live by these criteria?  What habits do you have?  Need some one-on-one mentoring of your goals, brand strategy, or video presence?  I’m interested in hearing from you.  

Reach your goals at SWMH monthly events utilizing invaluable insight from the Speaker Spotlight interview, marketing training, and building relationships in the mastermind session while solving your challenges. 

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