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Science, Sex and the Ladies – Indianapolis Premiere

Irving Theater - Thursday, Nov. 6th 2014Doors open at 6:30pmMovie starts at 7:30pmScarlet Lane Brewing Company will be there for all your refreshment needs.Out of the land of Kinsey from the Heartland of America, comes a frank, irreverent and very necessary documentary. Science, Sex, and the Ladies is humorous but serious with a simple yet far reaching argument; our (mis)understanding of the female orgasm has broken our sexual cultural. By looking back through the hallmarks of sexual research that define our scientific and cultural understanding of sex and orgasm, and by taking a witty look at the history and society that shaped them, the film discusses not only how we ended up this way but most importantly why we need to change.Science, Sex, and the Ladies was researched, written and created right here in Central Indiana over a period of 8 years. It's been a long time in the making, and we're excited to finally share it with the city that helped build it! Come out to see a movie you won't forget, drink some fabulous local brew, and enjoy some time with friends! Get your tickets at Brown Paper Tickets.Check out the Trailer! "It was fun, breezy and educational--like a particularly racy episode of The Electric Company." -Jill Hamilton, In Bed With Married Women blog 6.9.14"Science, Sex and the Ladies  is saying the things about female orgasm that society needs to hear but continues to resist...[it] is a must see for people everywhere." -Betty Dodson, famed masturbation activist and artist"The end result is a unique, entertaining, informative, funny, and even touching look at the myths and realities of how and why women experience pleasure." -Rebecca Berfanger, NUVO NewsWeekly 2.12.14"Don't let the term "documentary" fool you.  Don't think talking heads.  Don't think cinema verité.  Don't think Ken Burns or PBS.  Think unique." -Madelyn Ritrosky, Entertainment Magazine