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"Good-Night, Caroline" presented by Candlelight Theatre

 Night – a time of peace, rest and quite. But not in Candlelight Theatre's spring production of Good-Night, Caroline. In this trilogy of one-act plays, night becomes chaotic, comedic and all-together ridiculous. Guests will experience three plays, performed in three different rooms of the Presidential mansion ensconsed in candlelight and the Harrison antiques and furnishings.
Date of Event: 04/26/2015
Event Location: Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site
1230 N. Delaware Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
Beginning Time: 08:00:00 PM
Ending Time: 00:00:00 PM
Event Cost: Adults; $23.50. Members, Students, or Seniors(65+); $19.50. Room Buyout; $390.
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Contact Name: Stacy Clark
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